The #NerdsRead Pull List – February 10, 2016

This week we reviewed two first issues: Jonesy from BOOM! Studios, which Sam enjoyed on the timely Valentine’s holiday, and Imposter, from indie comics publisher 21 Pulp. Also from BOOM! Studios, Sam reviewed Lantern City from BOOM! Studios, while Kylee read Last Sons of America. From Dark Horse, Kylee also read the always haunting Harrow […]

Jonesy #1 is A Fun Introduction to A New, Lovable Misfit

Jonesy #1 (of 4) Author: Sam Humphries Artist: Caitlin Rose Boyle Release Date: February 10, 2016 Publisher: BOOM! Studios Source: BOOM! Studios DRC ★★★★☆ Spoilers: Mild Think you had a rough Valentine’s Day? Just be glad you’re not Jonesy, the titular character in BOOM! Box’s latest mini-series. Her Valentine’s Day goes from […]

The #NerdsRead Pull List – December 16, 2015

The Ultimate End ultimately disappoints in this week’s #NerdsRead pull list. It’s an unfortunate swan song for an alternate universe that was once full of promise.  Meanwhile The Goddamned shocks and awes. Need something a bit more lighthearted, though? The Lumberjanes start off on a new adventure with brand new, […]

Lumberjanes #1: Be Still, My Lady Loving Heart!

Lumberjanes #1 Author: Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis Artists: Brooke Allen and Maarta Laiho Release Date: April 10, 2014 Publisher: Boom! Studios Source: Bought and Owned Genre(s): Supernatural, Comedy, Graphic Novel Rating: ????? Review Spoilers: Low Comixology | Amazon | Things From Another World | Boom! Studios I’ve been pretty psyched about Lumberjanes from the minute it was announced. […]