We absolutely love the Pop It! brand fidgets. We’ve reviewed them before and I can say with absolutely certainty that they have been the most durable popping fidgets that have come into our house. (And trust me: my kids are constantly bringing them home!) We got the chance to check out the newest batch of Pop It! fidgets including the Chuckle and Roar Pop It! XL and one of the new licensed Pop It! fidgets released by Ceaco.

So let’s talk about the Pop It! XL first because this thing is a beast!

Made of the same study stuff as the original, the Pop It! XL has eleven extra long rows bubbles for long-lasting popping action. Whether you are popping for fun or playing one of the popping games included in the instructions (Pop It! is both a toy and a game) you will have all the bubbles you could ever need! Sometimes it’s almost a little TOO BIG. But, you know, sometimes that’s just what you or your littles need.

Our original tye-dye Pop It! is still the most fought over fidget in our household. The Pop It! XL is definitely the second favorite, though!

If the Pop It! XL is too much for you and you’re looking to downsize rather than gigantiticize then check out the Chuckle and Roach Pop It! minis – available in both circles and squares.

Or maybe you’re just tired of plain circular or square Pop Its! all together.

If so, you’re in luck! Released under a few different Buffalo Games brands, Pop It! has launched an incredible line of licensed Disney character fidgets. I know that there have been tons of knockoff Disney fidgets around ever since these things became popular but nothing compares to these ones.

Again, I’m going to have to go back to the quality of Pop It!

The rubber is thick and sturdy. These things have really held to my kids’ abuse. I have two to four kids in my home at any given time and Pop It! manages to keep on trucking. I’m never worried about any of the little kiddos putting a hole in them or breaking off little pieces of rubber.

The licensed Pop It! fidgets come in a variety of shapes. You can find them featuring various Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars characters from Mickey Mouse to Olaf, Darth Vader, Spider-Man and more! We got to check out the Mickey Mouse fidget which is, admittedly, a lot like three circular Pop It!s stuck together. It has the single most satisfying pop of any Pop It! that I have ever used. I’m not exaggerating. This fidget POPS!

I’ve gotten the chance to see a few others around town at various stores and they all look and feel great. I’m sure a handful will wind up in our Easter baskets later this year! If you’re looking for a quality popping fidget, definitely check these out!

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