The first time I heard about Pop It! was actually when I was looking into new fidget toys. I had seen a lot of great reviews from families with kids who have sensory or attention needs, folks who used them to help with anxiety, and more. They seemed great and as someone who uses a lot of different little fidget toys to help with focus and anxiety, I quickly decided that I needed to check out Pop It!

The fact that Pop It! is a lot like bubble wrap basically sealed the deal. I mean, who doesn’t love popping bubble wrap? And Pop It! is basically a reusable, portable, colorful alternative bubble wrap. (IMPORTANT NOTE: These are not silent by any means so they aren’t necessarily a subtle fidget option but, then again, neither is traditional bubble wrap.)

Pop It! seems geared to be the next big thing in a way reminiscent of the fidget spinner craze of years past. A lot of that is probably owed to the fact that – as I said before – everyone loves popping bubble wrap. And there’s obviously a refreshing element of ASMR to a good pop. (PRO TIP: The best pops come from the reverse side of Pop It!, trust me.)

Still, who would have thought Pop It! would be taking the world by storm the way it has been?

There are folks on Tik Tok who have whole channels dedicated to Pop It! Some of these accounts have tens even hundreds of thousands of followers and they take requests, play games, and more. I’ve seen channels where they play music with Pop It! and videos where they try to get their dogs to boop bubbles. (My dog just tried to eat it.) You can find channels in all kinds of languages. It’s kinda cool and kinda bizarre at times.

All that said, I’m about to really blow your mind because Pop It! isn’t just a fun fidget toy or a reusable bubble wrap replacement.

Did you know that Pop It! is actually a game?

It’s true!

Pop It! itself is a gameboard and there are game rules included in the packaging by Pop It!‘s publisher Chuckle and Roar. There are several different variants of a simple bubble popping game you can play with Pop It! So, while Pop It! certainly serves a great purpose as a fidget toy it is also a portable game board that can give you (and/or your kids) something more to do while hanging out in wait rooms at the dentist or while stuck in the car on a long drive. No pesky game pieces that could get lost required!

We were sent a Pop It! to check out courtesy of the publisher and after a few weeks with it I can genuinely say that Pop It! is something that our whole household has enjoyed. We haven’t really played the included games much. But everyone from my teenager to my six year has picked it up to play with it on a pretty regular basis. It’s helped me focus on long reading assignments and it’s more than entertained my youngest while she’s sitting and watching television. We all have our own play styles, too. For example, I love popping bubbles in patterns!

Pop It! has been a lot of fun to have around.

Pop It! is a great little toy (just kidding – game!) and one that you and your kids are bound to love. It’s small, portable, and in a lot of ways relaxing. It’s also a quick and easy party gift, stocking stuffer, or other such affordable gift. Pop It! is available through the Target exclusive Chuckle and Roar product line and is available in several colors including the original green as well as purple, blue, and an epic looking tye-dye (the version we got!). Oh, and if you’ve got little kiddos at home you can check out Pop It! Letters & Numbers to help reinforce early literacy as well as letter and number recognition.

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