Nerdophiles had the pleasure of chatting with the iconic duo Olga Merediz and Jimmy Smits about their brand new film adaptation of the Broadway smash, In the Heights! 

Through the vibrant music and incredible dance sequences, In the Heights is a story about family and dreams. It shows Kevin Rosario (Smits) sacrifice his life and his business to put his daughter Nina (Leslie Grace) through college. It’s through following her passions, that he redevelops some of his own. Abuela Claudia (Merediz), is not only there to help Kevin remember his purpose and journey to living out his dreams in Washington Heights, but also to encourage those around her, especially Usnavi (Anthony Ramos), shares her cultural wisdom, and make sure the whole block remembers the importance of love, family, community and so much more.

Watch our sit-down with Jimmy Smits and Olga Merediz as they talk about what they hope the audience takes away from the wisdom shared in this film and what their characters learned along the journey!

Check out In the Heights in theaters and streaming on HBO Max now!

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