iZombie returns on Tuesday, April 12th for it’s game changing two-part second season finale. We’ve had a pretty great season so far and from what we’ve heard the finale is going to be something else entirely. We sat down with the cast and show runners at WonderCon a couple of weeks ago and it was very clear just how excited they were for us to see what comes next.

The season finale will be shirking the show’s traditional procedural format and going entirely off-book. Instead, it takes an almost cinematic turn, with twists that we won’t see coming; even the actors were surprised by what the season finale held. After reading the script, Malcolm Goodwin said, “I was absolutely blown away. I couldn’t wait to get on set and shoot it like, ‘How are we going to make this happen!?'”

The stakes seem to be very high and there’s a chance not everyone will make it through to the third season. But, according to Aly Michalka, at least everyone gets some attention in the season finale. Some storylines will resolve and some mysteries will presumably get even more complicated. It’s going to be intense. Rose McIver told us, “I don’t even know what Rob’s going to do next season.” Sounds like this story is going to be hard to follow.

We don’t know what’s going to happen on Tuesday night. All we know is that it sounds like we’re in for something epic — and shocking!

Watch our full interviews from WonderCon 2016 below (sadly, our interview with Rahul Kohli didn’t get recorded).


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