Are you excited for Comic-Con@Home activities to kick off next weekend? Do you wish that there were things that you could do this weekend to get into the Comic-Con@Home mood?

Guess what? There are! Comic-Con International has helpfully provided a number of activities to get into the spirit of the convention from the comfort of your own home. Some are just for fun and some activities are actually challenges that could get you featured on the Comic-Con social media and website! Read on to find out how to get your con started early!

Comic-Con@Home Challenges Happening Now

Create Your Own Comic-Con@Home ExperienceContest Ends July 23 at 12:00 PM PDT

CCI has provided at-home attendees with a treasure trove of downloadable content in order for them to transform their home (or workplace or neighborhood, we won’t judge!) into the convention center! There are printouts for badges, signs, and sound clips of the traditional announcements attendees would hear around the convention center. For a chance to be featured on CCI social media, creative attendees can utilize these goodies to make a video showing off their skills and use the hashtag #ComicConAtHomeExperience on Twitter or Instagram. 

TIP: Make sure to be wearing your Comic-Con@Home badge (it’s required for eligibility) and that your video is under a minute in length! To see all the at-home materials and to read more of the rules, visit the Comic-Con website here.

Sidewalk Art ChallengeContest Ends July 23 at 12:00 PM PDT

For those who are artistically inclined – and those who aren’t! – CCI is looking for your best sidewalk chalk art to feature on the website and on their social media channels. It’s time to take to the streets and showcase your chalk-art creations as they relate to comic con! Share a picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #ComicConAtHomeChalkArt for a chance to be featured!

Cosplay ChallengeContest Ends July 23 at 12:00 PM PDT

If you missed out on participating in the Masquerade this year, CCI has provided cosplayers with another chance to show off their skills! Share a picture of you in your cosplay on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, tag Comic-Con and use the hashtag #ComicConAtHomeCosplay for a chance to have your picture shared on the Comic-Con website or social media channels. 

Participants will be chosen from the following categories: Best Mashup, Best Socially Distanced Group, Best Use of Household Items, Best Original Character, Most In-Character / Best Likeness (Canon Character), Most Humorous, Best Classic Comic Character (before 1985), and Best Modern Comic Character (after 1985). 

TIP: Like the Create Your Own Comic-Con@Home Experience challenge, be sure that you are wearing your Comic-Con@Home badge in the photo! It’s a requirement.

SuperVolunteer ChallengeEnds July 26

Comic-Con International is encouraging everyone to be a volunteer in their own communities this year since they can’t volunteer in the convention center. Choose an organization in your area that you want to volunteer with – whatever works best for you and the organization – and share a picture of you working with the hashtag #SDCCVOLUNTEERCHALLENGE on Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to tag Comic-Con as well! 

Volunteers who do this should also email with the photo and a short description of the experience and your Comic-Con Member ID. Comic-Con will send you a special downloadable SuperVolunteer badge in recognition of your efforts!

Read about all of the specific rules for each challenge here.

Other Comic-Con@Home Activities Happening Now

Head to the ConSuite Early!

Were you sad about the convention cancellation because you miss the complimentary food in the ConSuite? Lucky for you, Comic-Con International has released a number of delicious recipes that can be found in the Hospitality Suite during the con! To get into the spirit of San Diego Comic Con, try making the San Diego Convention Center California Burritos for dinner sometime this week. Or prep some Potluck Pasta Salad or ConSuite Onion Dip

You can “test” out the recipes this week, so you know which ones you definitely want to make next weekend for the Comic-Con@Home activities! Tag Comic-Con, but more importantly tag us, if you make any of the delicious-sounding recipes! Check out all the Hospitality Suite recipes here.


Comic-Con International has helpfully provided a list of achievements to get into the con spirit. New, curious con attendees and veterans alike will have a great time unlocking these achievements. It’s the perfect way to pay tribute to the convention from home and to get a taste of what it might have been like in the convention center this year! In fact, you can get a headstart by snacking at the Hospitality Suite right now. Prove your Super Fan status by completing all 10 achievements by the end of Comic-Con@Home activities.

Start Shopping!

This isn’t officially sanctioned by CCI, but you can certainly knock out some of the previously mentioned achievements if you start supporting the people who were meant to be at San Diego Comic-Con selling their goods.

Become an Artists’ Alley Supporter or Small Press Supporter by seeking out those small businesses, single people, and tiny companies that were meant to table at the convention and buy something from them! We recommend you check out the SDCC Unofficial Blog for their lists of Artist Alley, Small Press, and Exhibitors. And if you can’t support anyone monetarily right now, still take a look at things (for future purchases and/or gifts) and give your favorites a social media shout out.

Tag us on social media with your favorite finds!

Comic-Con@Home Activities Happening Soon

Comic-Con Today – Starts July 21 at midnight PDT and Ends July 25 at 6:00 PM PDT

Comic-Con International isn’t forgetting about the daily convention newsletter Comic-Con Today just because the convention is happening on couches this year! They’re promising to bring the same news, highlights, updates, tips, and more that the newsletter is known for. But they’re missing one crucial element: photos! So this year, they’re asking for the best photos of fans with their friends and family embodying the spiriting of Comic-Con@Home! Send your photos – starting Tuesday, July 21 at midnight PDT (no earlier!) – to with a caption and the name/handle of the photographer for a chance to be put into the daily newsletter.

Read more about the newsletter submissions here.

Are you planning to participate in any of the already-announced activities? Let us know in the comments or on social media what you’ve got planned to celebrate Comic-Con@Home! And Comic-Con International is promising more activities throughout the week (we see a mention of trivia?!), so be sure to check this page or their social media frequently.

Totally confused about what we’re even talking about? Check out our FAQs on the Comic-Con@Home schedule here!

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