If you thought that Comic-Con@Home meant you wouldn’t be running all over to try to see and do everything in a jam-packed weekend, we have some news for you… Like a traditional convention, there are more than a few places to watch Comic-Con@Home and related events! Between Comic-Con sanctioned-events and non-traditional off-sites happening during the same weekend, there’s no shortage of tabs that will be open on your computer.

Check out all of the places you can see con-related content this weekend and let us know in the comments where you’ll be spending your time!

Comic-Con International Youtube Channel

The bulk of the convention is going to be panels held on the Comic-Con International Youtube channel. The majority of these panels have been pre-recorded and most will be available after the end of the convention. This is great for anyone who has found themselves double and triple booked in the past! Currently, attendees can find links to the Youtube videos of panels in their descriptions, but they will not go live until their scheduled times.

Comic-Con@Home Tumblr

Have you ever been to the Art Show at San Diego Comic-Con? If you haven’t, this is your first chance to attend the event virtually! Held exclusively on Tumblr, Comic-Con International will be showcasing art pieces by a number of artists. Rather than the usual auction, the Art Show participants will be linking their shops for anyone to buy art from them!

Likewise, the Masquerade will be exclusively showcased on Tumblr this year. Fifty pre-approved participants will be posted in picture and video form for everyone to admire! Reblog your favorites and share your own cosplay on social media for a chance to be featured on Comic-Con International social media channels.

Comic-Con@Home Virtual Screenings

Comic-Con International has partnered with Scener to host a number of virtual screening events. Attendees can use the free Scener Chrome extension to sync their viewing to other attendees and chat as the screenings are happening. While there are two film tracks and an anime screening track, it appears that participants will have to have their own subscription to the streaming services each show or movie is found on. There’s a large mix of streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Funimation Premium+. If you want to participate with other fans, hopefully, you have an account that can be used for this purpose!

Comic-Con@Home Discord Server

While it doesn’t appear to be open for joining at the moment, Comic-Con International has announced that the games that occur during a traditional convention will be moving online and Discord will be used partially to coordinate that gameplay! There will be a number of free games to explore and you can view the whole schedule of gaming for the weekend right here. It’s unclear at the moment whether joining the Discord will allow you to join games, but once it opens (on Thursday!), we’ll all find out.

Comic-Con@Home Twitch Channel

Maybe you don’t want to join or discuss any games, but you’d love to watch some being played or talked about! The Comic-Con@Home Twitch channel is set up to stream all day Thursday to Sunday from 10 AM PDT to 6 PM PDT! Tune into gaming that’s happening live on those days to see what’s streaming, as the schedule isn’t defined yet.

Comic-Con@Home on IGN Live

Partnering with Comic-Con International, IGN is going to bring a mix of official Comic-Con@Home panels and extra content to their channels. Offering pre-shows and post-shows, exclusive interviews, a cosplay spotlight and more, it’s worth looking at IGN to see if they’re covering any movie or television shows that are on your must-see list (there are some Wynonna Earp interviews we see).

Amazon Virtual-Con

Amazon Prime Video sponsored the Comic-Con@Home badges this year (check out the shows featured on the badges if you haven’t yet!) and is also part of the Scener virtual screenings already mentioned. Much like IGN, Amazon is going to present live content, scheduled events, and “evergreen experiences” for attendees. With Prime Video, Twitch, and Comixology under its brand umbrella, Amazon is guaranteed to help expand the convention experience.


FX frequently brings one of our favorite off-site events that occur on the lawn of the Hilton Bayfront. This year, they’ve turned that experience digital so no one has to wait in the sun in those lines! The SDCC Unofficial Blog has more information on what fans can expect, including the chance to win an exclusive deck of What We Do In The Shadows playing cards. FX is also hosting a digital gallery of cosplayers inspired by their favorite FX originals. Keep an eye on their Instagram for more information.

Adult Swim Con

Another off-site staple for years has been Adult Swim – and this year is no different. With Adult Swim Con planned for Thursday through Saturday, fans can expect live events, musical guests, giveaways, and more. There will be opportunities to talk to casts and creators live about their shows. Like the off-site of years past, it sounds like the virtual Adult Swim Con is going to be a ton of fun!

There are tons of places to virtually hang out this weekend to watch Comic-Con@Home programming. It’s also not a bad idea to keep an eye on Comic-Con International social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for extra activities popping up over the weekend!

Tell us where you’re going to be hanging out this weekend in the comments! And don’t forget to check out our FAQs regarding the schedule if you’re feeling overwhelmed already. If you’re ready to get the party started, why not get a headstart on the convention with these at-home activities right now?

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