I absolutely love Star Wars: Rebels but as much as I liked the first season this new extended trailer from Star Wars Celebration pretty much guarantees I’m going to enjoy the second one even more. Now connected with the much larger Rebel movement, our heroes from Lothal are facing new challenges and new enemies – including the fearsome Darth Vader.

That alone is going to be awesome.

But it was all the throwbacks to the Clone Wars in this trailer that really had me smiling. Ahsoka appears to be taking a much larger role this time around and she’s not the only one from that earlier season returning. Rex and a number of other former clone troopers are going to be making their return as is Hondo Ohnaka. After a disappointing send off to the Clone Wars, it’s going to be good seeing some old, familiar faces again. And as cool as the battle between Kanan and Ezra against Darth Vader that’s show in this trailer is going to be, the promise of a showdown between Ahsoka and Anakin this season has me positively giddy.

Check out this trailer now and feel free to squee to your ¬†hearts’ content in the comments!

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