Now that many of us are sheltering in place and practicing social distancing, it makes getting together for that weekly D&D session even harder than it was before. Luckily, there are still options to play online and with almost everyone staying home, there are no excuses for missing out on a session! We’ve put together some Roll20 tips to level up your next D&D campaign. If you’re playing a one-shot or moving your party online temporarily, here are a few ways to level up your gameplay to keep things fun and interesting! 

Create A Custom Token

Personalize your Roll20 token with reference art, your own doodles, or commissioned artwork! RollAdvantage has a Token Stamp that can be used to fully customize your chosen artwork with specific borders, colors, sizing, and text. It can be printed out for physical table-top gameplay or downloaded to be used in your next Roll20 campaign. For your Bonus Action, make multiple tokens so that you can switch them out depending on what’s going on in the campaign. Make the ultimate party outfit, travelers look, or tavern wear!

Add Audio

This is a DM hack to help set the mood for whatever your devious plans are during the session. Tabletop Audio provides a multitude of situational audio files that help set the scene you’re creating. Choose between ambient sounds, music, and a combination of both for things like traveling, shopping, battling, and more! For your Bonus Action, you can use their Soundpad to fully customize your sound environment or play around with their own themed ones.

Random Generator

A failure to plan is planning for failure… except when it comes to D&D because improv is king! This is another DM tip to help make a smooth transition from perfectly crafted plans for a session when the party takes a left turn instead of a right, misses the entire dungeon crawl and hops right to shopping at the market! Donjon RPG Tools houses a multitude of generators that can immediately conjure up shops, encounters, treasure, dungeons and more with a few clicks. For your Bonus Action, it’s best to keep this site open in a separate tab so that you can easily pivot with your party as needed.

Matching 5e Aesthetics

Whether you’re working with an official 5e adventure or homebrewing your own world, it’s nice when things look official. The Homebrewery uses Markdown and some CSS to cleverly match official 5e aesthetics. Craft your own character classes, races, items, and more with ease and then share them with your party! The Homebrewery allows you to download a PDF of your creation, share a read-only link, and pass along an editable link for easy collaboration. For your Bonus Action, consider having players put their background history into this format and sharing it with all party members to get everyone immersed in the world.

What Roll20 tips are you going to be implementing for your next session? Have any specific Roll20 tips that we missed? Drop them in the comments for everyone to learn about!

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