Yesterday, San Diego Comic Con witnessed a new world record. At the Dragon Ball World Adventure area yesterday, fans of the show descended into San Diego to lend their voices to the cause. They were joined by Goku’s English voice actor, Sean Christian Schemmel, on the terrace of the Marriott Marquis Hotel to give it a shot.

Fans gathered early and they gathered en mass. We did a pass through earlier in the day and fans were already gathered around 11am. The line grew from there. By the time we arrived for the event itself in the afternoon the line was endless. Dragon Ball fans are dedicated.

As fans were let into the area for the World Record attempt they were counted and assigned to stewards. Groups of 50 were set up throughout the area in preparation for the attempt. The filling process went on as long as it could, but fans kept appearing. The time finally came.

Sean, Goku’s English voice actor, took the mic. He led the audience through some voice exercises, working with them on timing. In order to be official, the last “ha” had to go on for at least three full seconds. With that under our belts it was time to give it a shot.

The crowd delivered. There was a crescendo of voices matched with familiar hand movements and everyone shouted “kamehameha!” for the world to hear. And the world heard.

After a short deliberation by the Guinness Book of World Records representatives it was decided that the attempt was a success! San Diego Comic Con fans set a new world record and put Dragon Ball on the map!

If you’re a Dragon Ball fan who missed the world record attempt, worry not. The Dragon Ball World Adventure area is great unto itself. There’s a card game area, toys and statues on display, and a place to try out the Dragon Ball games. It is a nice space away from the hub of the convention, too, and doesn’t require a badge.

For Dragon Ball fans, San Diego Comic Con is the place to be this weekend. The World Adventure Tour area is open from 10am – 6pm daily during the convention on the terrace of the Marriott Marquis. You can walk in the front of the hotel and follow the signs to find it!

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