The Planetarium

One of the things I love about San Diego Comic Con is that it never fails to surprise me. This year, the surprise came to me compliments of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). They have set up shop in the FutureTech room of the Omni Hotel and brought with them the greatest thing ever.

That thing? A mini planetarium. It is approximately the size of a two person tent. Being inside of it is akin to sitting under a parachute in elementary school, except the top doesn’t collapse.

Once you’re inside it is time to sit on the floor and get ready for a show. I personally suggest lying with your head toward the center of the room for the best experience. Someone from the UCSD team takes center stage and leads attendees on a journey through the cosmos.

I’ve loved going to planetariums since I was a child, so this was a particular treat. The show begins in San Diego, reflecting a beachy sky. Then the sun begins to set and the night sky comes into view. From there, attendees are taught about constellations and planets and taken to outer space.

Why You Should Go

First, it is a fantastic break from the insanity of the convention. The group allowed in the space is small, and the shows throughout the weekend will run for half an hour. It means an escape from the crowds in a relatively quiet, peaceful space.

Second, it gives the folks from the Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences a chance to strut their stuff. It is always wonderful to hear things from people who love what they do and enjoy sharing their knowledge. It is a different kind of nerdy, one I’m rather partial to.

The Details

The Planetarium is located in the FutureTech room at the Omni Hotel (around the corner from the NBC activations on L street). Staff told us they will be open every day of the convention from 12:00pm – 5:00pm. Friday may skew slightly later.

Each show will run approximately 30 minutes. You won’t regret checking out this wonderful little gem in the middle of a crazy convention weekend!

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