Sorry For Your Loss is a Facebook Watch show everyone needs to binge watch immediately. The final two episodes of the first season were recently released and the season ended with potential good news and some surprising news. Elizabeth Olsen is at her best and hopefully, the world takes notice that she is an incredible actress. 


In episode 9, Leigh takes a trip to Palm Springs for a day to get away from everyone and disconnect. While there, somebody begins to hit on her and not leave her alone. Someone swoops to rescue her pretending to be her husband. Throughout the episode, Leigh and this guy flirt. His name is Trip and says he owns the place. Later on in the night, they sleep with each other. Leigh leaves in the morning and that’s the end of this guy.

Perhaps she could go back in season 2 to see this guy? Who knows.

In episode 10, Leigh goes back to her home she shared with Matt. Her mail still gets delivered there so she picks up whatever is still there. We then see a replica of Matt’s comic, published. Someone wants to publish it. Leigh and Danny slightly clash over this and Danny eventually says he doesn’t want to be around her anymore.

We find out at the end of the episode that he is starting to fall in love with her. He calls Matt’s old phone and leaves a message for Matt. Leigh’s mom is struggling with the fact that she kissed her ex-husband Richard. Thus, Richard thinks they are meant to be together and won’t stop talking about it. Jules is still trying to find herself and gets closer to Richard’s wife Sabrina. We also dive more into her adoption.

At the end of the episode, Leigh goes to the hiking trail where Matt died and looks at the exact place it happened. She smiles and gets emotional, leaving us with what looks like the beginning of her real healing.

Sorry For Your Loss does an incredible job at teaching us what family truly means. A family is with you no matter what. Maybe some leave, but there will always be a family member who will be there for you through the toughest moments in your life. The Shaw family is a strong unit.

They fight, bicker and in the end, love each other so much. It’s the best look at a family and the most realistic look at how to cope with trauma and sadness.

They left it open for a potential season 2 that could dive right into the potential story between Leigh and Danny, considering Danny is falling in love with her. They could also dive right into the serious healing process after dealing with a traumatic event.

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