The Originals: Chasing the Devil’s Tail (2×07)

Synopsis: Klaus seeks an antidote to wake his brother Elijah, but finds himself confronting his father instead. Hayley, intending to get even with Esther, takes matters into her owns hands, and plans to kidnap Finn with Cami and Marcel’s help. Meanwhile, Davina and Kol grow closer.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Elijah still lies in his dream-like stasis, caught up in a nightmare where his demonic adult self is haunting his younger self. Despite being locked in a battle in his mind, Klaus is at his side, forever the faithful brother, insisting he is not alone and trying to enter Elijah’s thoughts to help bear the torment his mother has caused him. Hayley discovers the trace of a spell Klaus’s mother used long ago and Klaus leaves to seek out the root to counteract the acid trip Elijah is experiencing. Once again, he insists Hayley stay behind, but when has Hayley ever obeyed Klaus’ orders. Hayley doesn’t plan on going after Esther though. Instead, she plans on going after everything Esther loves instead.

In the heart of the Bayou, Oliver is indeed truly dead and down for the count. Jackson gives him a lonely send off into the swamp and he can’t help but shed a few tears for his old friend. Despite being angered by the fact that Oliver should have received a proper burial surrounded by loyal wolves, Jackson still gives no sign that he intends to return. Hayley understands that Jackson needs time to grieve, but their people need Jackson, sooner rather than later.

[The Originals Online]
[The Originals Online]
Finding Jackson a dead end, Hayley approaches Marcel, hoping to get his help in taking down Finn once and for all. Marcel pulls his trump card, Cami, knowing she will help them take down Finn, as she intends to get even. With a little of her feminine charm, Cami easily gets Finn to ask her out to an evening of jazz music. Looks like she was correct in guessing Finn had underlying feelings for her.

Meanwhile, out in the Bayou, while searching for a cure to wake Elijah, he discovers his father, who has been following him. Klaus is still clearly struggling with some serious daddy dearest issues and the two have a lot to talk about. Klaus’s deep insecurity and insistence to push his father away insinuates that maybe he is afraid of what will happen if he lets his father in and how that might change him. It certainly doesn’t seem to be guilt, considering his father has apparently been observing Klaus as he has murdered and connived his way through history and Ansel gives no indication that he is disappointed in his son’s actions.

Cami, Marcel, Hayley, along with another wolf, Aiden, come up with a plan to trap Vincent/Finn on the eve of Cami’s date with him. Cami is able to provide some very useful weapons from her late father’s arsenal, including be-spelled manacles that will prevent Finn from using magic. Their plan though, hinges around Cami’s ability to play the role of bait. Despite the danger, Cami faces the challenge head on, intending to give Finn a show he won’t forget.

[The Originals Online]
[The Originals Online]
Meanwhile, Davina is still keeping Kol around for his witchy help. With her help, Kol accesses a tomb where he used to practice magic back before everything went to hell. Apparently he taught other witches to cook up dark magic and he has a plethora of dangerous toys he’s itching to play with. The two try some dark magic and wind up getting a little closer than planned. Kol seems to be truly enamored with Davina, despite whatever plans his mother might have for her.

On their date, Cami charms her way into Finn’s good graces as he treats her to some Jazz music. While outside on a brief phone call, Cami is attacked by a wolf, which later turns out to be Hayley in disguise. Cami’s fake screams lures Finn into an alleyway and Finn is left seeking the culprit of the attack. He seeks Aiden’s help in tracking down which of his wolves attacked Cami. Finn though, isn’t stupid, and he manages to see through Aiden’s lies. He crashes the ambush plan at the church and Hayley and him face off. Hayley seems to have the upper hand at first until Finn turns the tables on her with magic. She is spared by Jackson’s arrival and he manages to shoot him up with a couple of arrows. To seal the deal, Cami shackles Finn while smiling and looking pretty damn pleased with herself for besting Finn Mikaelson.

[The Originals Online]
[The Originals Online]
Back in the bayou, Klaus and his father are still pondering some serious life questions. Ansel thinks Klaus should accept his mother’s offer and claims that as a wolf he can be king to an entire species and feel true peace. His father also shares the knowledge that he knows Hope is really alive. He really should have kept his mouth shut. Klaus is tempted by his father’s offer, revealing he would have liked to be his son but unfortunately he was left to walk a different path as the vengeful powerful son of Mikael. Klaus believes Esther will use Ansel to get to Hope, now that Ansel knows the truth. Sadly, Ansel arrived only a couple hundred years too late to rescue him. In spite of it all, Klaus turns around and surprisingly kills his father out of mercy. Well I must say I didn’t see that one coming. Klaus’ daddy dearest problems are no more.

Klaus arrives home with the root to wake Elijah and with it, he manages to break into Elijah’s thoughts and faces Elijah’s younger self. Using his daughter Hope as their light, Klaus manages to reach Elijah. Klaus humanity peaks through for the briefest moment, revealing the strength his brother gives him. Only Klaus can be checked by the monster in Elijah. Elijah fearlessly stabs the nightmare version of himself and wakes to find Klaus at his side. Later that evening, Klaus tells Elijah about his father’s return and subsequent death. It is startling nonetheless to hear that Klaus simply killed his father for Hope and it is beginning to look like there is nothing Klaus won’t do for his daughter. Esther gets a rude awakening when she finds Ansel’s body strung up in her graveyard.

[The Originals Online]
[The Originals Online]
Meanwhile, Marcel, who we saw very little of this episode as he searched for Davina, sees Kol deliver a sleeping Davina to her bed. From the looks of it, he doesn’t look very happy and no doubt he plans to do something about it. When Davina later wakes, she is alone and it looks like her white oak stake is also gone.

Elijah, despite appearing fine on the surface, seems to still be struggling with visions of his painful monstrous past actions.

Meanwhile Cami enjoys a well deserved drink for her victory. She really stepped up and showed her true colors and how far she is willing to go, not only for herself but also for Klaus. Unfortunately, her happiness is short lived as Esther pays Cami a startling visit, and begins chanting a spell. Cami’s fate remains unknown for now, though something tells me Esther isn’t inviting Cami over for some tea.

Back at the compound, Hayley and Marcel have a couple of fitting gifts for Klaus and Elijah. It sounds like Christmas came a little to earlier as Klaus and Elijah emerge to find Kol and Finn both chained in their courtyard. All the Mikaleson brothers are finally together at last.


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