In my time as a con-goer I’ve learned that most gimmicks aren’t worth it. Swag seems great in the moment but sits in boxes at home, useless. Suddenly I’m thinking back to the lines I stood in to get it and I have regrets. I spend a lot less time in lines now. 

But Syfy, oh Syfy, they draw me in no matter where they are. 

Last year they introduced the Syfy Lounge where tired con-goers could rest, get a snack, some water, and other goodies. At San Diego Comic Con they had karaoke and bingo buses. Now, at NYCC, they’ve returned to the space right outside the River Galleria to provide a lounge once more. 

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the things you’ll find at the Syfy Lounge. 

Free t-shirts

Starting sometime around noon every day thus far, they’ve started churning out t-shirts. While they don’t appear to be the uniquely screen-printed shirts they handed out last year, they’re still pretty rad. Part of Syfy’s theme this year is to showcase the work of fans. 

If you’re willing to wait, the t-shirt is worth it. They’ve got a number of cool fan-made designs. They’ll make good gifts, or you might end up keeping them. Either way, they are free. We’ve learned however that smaller sizes tend to run out more quickly than others so if you’re petite, start early. 

Cosplay repairs

Returning this year, Syfy is providing cosplay repairs and touch-ups. I’m not a cosplayer so I’m not entirely sure what they’re doing, but I’ve seen a lot of cosplayers making a pit stop. They’ve got helpers at the ready to get you back to your full cosplay glory. 

Tables and chairs

The infamous beanbag chairs and their strange stains are not returning this year. Instead, Syfy has brought more tables and chairs for con-goers to use to take a load off. They’re great for enjoying snacks, taking a power nap, and resting your feet which by now are probably pretty sore. 

Happy! claw machine

If they were charging, I would be in a lot of trouble. I’m a bit of a claw machine addict and Syfy had two set up in the middle of the lounge. Participants can try their hand at snagging a plastic egg or a small plushie Happy from the Syfy series. 

The eggs may contain a $10 concessions gift card, great for snacking on the go. 

Free goodies

Other than t-shirts, Syfy is giving out coloring books, colored pencils, and water throughout the day. They take breaks in between giveaways but they’ve got stocked shelves and a lot more to give. 

If you’re tired and looking for a chill place to hang out, come find the Syfy lounge. The later it gets in the day the more people there are going to be, but it is still a nice break from the main floor. You have the chance to get some awesome free goodies and in my opinion, the free water was incentive enough to hang out.

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