There is nothing I appreciate more, as an introverted con-goer, than a place to sit down that is somewhat away from the crowds. We all need a place to gather ourselves. Sometimes that means leaving the convention center for a while and finding a spacious restaurant to take a break. Other times, wonderful companies have put together lounge areas for the fans. 

At New York Comic Con, the real heroes this year are the good people from Syfy who have provided an open-to-everyone lounge in an elevated area just beneath the press room stairs. 

Take a seat, take a break.

Arguably the most important characteristic of a lounge is a place to, well, lounge. Syfy has filled up their area with comfortable beanbag chairs and other places to sit so that fans can sink into a fluffy cloud for a while and give their back (and legs!) a break.

Lean back, put your feet up, and let yourself take a quick nap before your next panel. Or, take some time sitting to reorganize the swag in your bag. Whatever you want to do, Syfy has provided the seating to do it. 

The cosplay emergency solution

In what is probably the coolest edition to a lounge ever, Syfy has two booths set up on either side of the lounge filled with materials needed to fix broken cosplay. Got a tear in your tunic? Need some touch-up on your face? Syfy has got you covered and will get you back out on the pavilion floor stopping for cosplay photos in no time. 

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks!

Food it a hot commodity at every convention, free food being one of the most valuable things you can get. If you have already maxed out your time at the FandomFest fantasy food truck and don’t really want to wait in the food court lines, Syfy has got you covered.

They have popcorn, nerds, Swedish fish, and some other goodies to keep you going until you can find something a little more filling. 

T-Shirts for days

I’ll be honest, all those years ago when Syfy rebranded I was not the biggest fan of the new logo. By this point I think I have warmed to it, and Syfy has the best free t-shirt design I have seen at New York Comic Con so far.

Usually I keep promo shirts for things like painting or laundry day, but the Syfy shirts appear to be a really nice quality material and are screen printed on site. Whether you’re grabbing a premade one or you hop in line to get one custom made, everyone loves a free shirt. 

It is pretty easy to see why we have fallen in love with Syfy’s set up this year. The area where they have their lounge is one usually plagued with floor-sitters and sort of a disorganized a mess, but they have taken it over and made it into a functional, comfortable space. Plus, they have nerds at their snack booth and I sure do love nerds. 

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