New York Comic Con 2018 is quickly approaching and the announcements are starting to roll in! One of those dropped Friday and comes from the cast and crew of Critical Role. It was announced a couple months ago that they would have a presence at the con, but it just got so much better. 

Critical Role will be hosting a live show right here in New York City on Thursday, October 4th. We’ve compiled a quick list of what we hope will be helpful tips to guide Critters through their ticket buying live-show watching journey! 

1. Tickets go on sale Tuesday, September 4th at 12pm EST.

Middle of the day ticket sales can be rough for people who work. If you’ve got NYCC tickets though, you’re a pro at teaming up and that may be what we suggest here. If you’re not able to purchase tickets during the allotted time reach out to friends who can snag them for you. 

And if you’re not on the East Coast, know that tickets are going on sale at 11am Central, 10am Mountain, and 9am Pacific time. 

The link will go live on as well as announced on Twitter and Facebook.

2. The venue is up in Washington Heights so plan lodging and travel accordingly.

Washington Heights in a neighborhood up at the top of the island that is Manhattan (topped only by Inwood which is the furthest uptown anyone can go in the City). It is a fair distance from the iconic Midtown (Times Square, Broadway) and will take some planning if you’re not local. 

Doors don’t open for general admission tickets until 8pm, so that should give anyone who is trying to make their way up there ample time. The closest stop is on the A train at 175th street. If you’re staying near the Javits Convention Center then you’ll probably be able to walk to the Port Authority Bus Terminal to pick up the A. 

If you’re elsewhere, be sure to plan your route ahead of time if you’re not familiar with the NYC subway. And always assume it is going to take longer than Google says because the MTA isn’t doing so well. You might also consider taking one of the many NYC buses that’ll get you up there, too.

3. Check late night train schedules, too.

Maybe I’m an over-planner but I don’t want anyone to make the same mistakes I have. If you are going to be wandering around the city after midnight you will want to check the MTA’s Planned Service Changes list RIGHT HERE.

You’ll click on the “subways” option, click the line you’re interested in, make sure the date is right, and it will lead you to a list of service changes. 

The last thing anyone new to the City wants to do is find themselves trapped because trains are skipping stations! 

4. You don’t have to have a NYCC badge to attend this off-site event!

Good news to all those who want to see Critical Role but don’t want to be at the convention! This off-site event is entirely dependent on tickets, not badges. If you weren’t planning on attending NYCC then you don’t have to in order to join a lively bunch of critters for Critical Role live! 

The live show is going to be a great space and if you still want the NYCC experience, I have no doubt there will be fans planning to get together before the show to hang out and enjoy each other’s company. It’ll be like its own Critter convention.

As for tickets, it looks like there will be a VIP ticket option that gives fans early access to the venue, a goodie bag including a limited signed art print, and a Q&A with the cast led by the infamous Brian W. Foster. For those not able to spend that much, there are other general admission options available. 

5. The live show will be a spoiler-free zone.

Since the live show is going to happen an hour earlier than the broadcast on Twitch and Alpha, the team has asked that everyone keep spoilers to themselves while in the theatre. I think this is a great rule not just for the sake of those watching at home, but for the experience. 

When else are Critical Role fans going to get to sit together and watch a bunch of nerds play D&D live? Drop the cell phone and focus on the atmosphere. There’s nothing else like it and it is an experience that will transcend tweets and instagram stories!

All other official information can be found on the Critical Role website and you can find the live show announcement HERE

We’ll hopefully see you there, Critters. 

Stay turnt. 

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