Castle Rock continues to impress week by week with what is shaping up to be one heck of an interesting storyline full of crazy. These last 3 episodes have had surprises and more developments. 


“Bad shit happens here because bad people know they’re safe here.”

In episode 4, we see one heck of an ending. An ending that was likely going to happen with the episodes build up to that moment. We see a huge focus on Zalewski, the corrections officer, and his slow descent into madness. He hates Shawshank and wants this place outed for what it is and is willing to testify. He hates working there and wants it all to end.

There’s a huge focus on smiling as well. With him doing forced smiles when it’s his time to take his shift. He writes smiley faces on the monitors when he is at work with a sharpie towards the end of the episode. He’s slowly losing his mind and trying to balance it out with smiling.

We find out that Henry wants to take his mother back to Houston with him. Henry figures out at this moment, when he talks to Alan, that Alan and his mother had an affair during his disappearance and maybe that’s why Alan found Henry. Molly also seems to almost confess to Henry at one point during this episode that she killed his dad.

Zalewski has a moment with The Kid and they do a fist bump exchange which causes one hell of a creepy vibe. Henry continues on the hunt for more answers about his disappearance. While searching for clues at a library he comes across the name Vincent Desjardins.

He goes to the Desjardins home and finds a place where he could’ve been kept. He breaks the lock and looks inside to find something strange. Vincent’s brother suddenly pulls up, a hair-cutter, and after they talk a little, he reveals that he has Henry’s police file. Henry looks through his file. Alan reveals that the case was buried because Henry’s father had written that Henry did it. After Henry hears this he goes to Molly. It then appears that they hook up.

Henry then decides he really wants to go back to Texas and tells Zalewski that he’s not needed anymore and will convince The Kid to take a settlement. Zalewski finally cracks and shoots down a bunch of officers at Shawshank. Zalewski dies after getting shot at by officers who storm Shawkshank to apprehend him and stop him. 

In episode 5, a new character is introduced and that character is the wildfire. There are fires that have started and it provides a nice eerie backdrop to the episode. There is a focus on Henry’s hearing problem. He hears sounds and after last week’s tragic shooting at Shawshank that he witnessed, it becomes evident that his hearing is getting worse. The Kid is let out of Shawshank following the shooting massacre and Henry decides to care for him and gives him a bed in an area above Molly’s office.

At night, The Kid gets out and wanders around, eventually making it to the front yard of a family’s house. He looks inside and notices a family celebrating their child’s birthday. Everything is going good and they all seem happy until suddenly it all changes and there is shouting and arguing and what seems to be murder.

We end up just hearing a child cry. This further proves that The Kid is some sort of devil or being that injects evil into anyone near him in any way. That entire sequence is horrifying.

We do get some more Jackie Torrance in this episode, she even hangs out with The Kid after seeing him naked.

We get to a scene which has Alan getting a ceremony for a bridge that is getting named after him. Ruth and Henry go of course. While Alan is giving his speech, we suddenly see Ruth shift in personality after she sees an evil dog. She goes to the bridge and jumps off. Henry jumps in after her. They both survive. At the end of the episode, The Kid says, “I can help her.” But can we believe him?

In episode 6, we get to see a lot of things happening. There is a scene in which Ruth and Wendell, Henry’s son who comes to visit, sit and talk and she reveals that she reveals she doesn’t know when something is happening and that’s why she leaves chess pieces in rooms to remind her it’s the present time.

There’s an interesting connection happening between Ruth and The Kid. There’s a scene where it seems like he’s wearing her dead husband’s suit.

Molly seemingly finally confesses in a way to killing Henry’s father. She reveals she pulled out the breathing tube. But says that because Henry wanted him dead, they did it together. Henry leaves. Alan was given a task by The Kid and goes in search of Warden Lacy’s car. We get flashbacks to when Lacy decapitated himself and when Alan finds The Kid in the trunk.

Further into the episode, some crazy stuff happens. First off, Henry goes off into the woods in the same trail he’d go with his dad and this is where the sound hearing comes into play, but he then is met by two guys. They are named Willie and Odin Branch, who is deaf. Odin, with interpreting help by Willie, tells Henry that he knew his dad and they both believed in God. Odin then talks about “Nature of the Schisma,” which means people can hear the universe trying to reconcile itself with alternate planes of reality.

Here comes the crazy part of this episode, Odin built something called the Filter, which Henry’s father wanted to build. Odin pretty much shoves Henry into there, saying there is total silence in there, and Henry has a breakdown in the form of various sounds and images that is enough to make someone go crazy.

Back at the Deaver residence, things take a turn for the worse when Alan arrives and finds The Kid outside and he’s bloody. The Kid says, “why would you leave me in that trunk, Sheriff?” Alan then runs inside and can’t find Ruth. Uh oh!!!!

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