If you have been paying attention to how New York Comic Con is doing badge sales this year, then June 10th should be a familiar date. If not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Coming up this Sunday, New York Comic Con will open up their badge presale to attendees who (1) were fan verified in 2016 or 2017 and (2) successfully rolled over their fan verification profile to this year’s system. If you have completed both of those steps, continue. If not, you will have to wait until Wednesday to jump back into the badge process when fan verification is re-opened.

For the rest of you that are looking to buy badges this Sunday, June 10th, you should have hopefully received your presale link via e-mail. It is noticeable in part because it will come from ReedPOP directly as opposed to New York Comic Con. Inside the e-mail should be a Showclix link which is unique to you so do not give it out to anyone else. Once the badge purchase limit has been reached on the link, it expires and you will not be able to use it to purchase badges for yourself.

Also worth noting is that you will be able to buy badges for your friends but only if they qualify for the presale. Any fan verification profile you assign a badge to must have already rolled their fan verification into the new system. If they haven’t then they will not qualify for any badges during this sale. Now is the time to take care of everyone who does qualify so that you can later help your non-pre-sale-qualified buddies during the general sale.

ReedPOP shared that they have increased the amount of time attendees will have to purchase and assign badges but it will still be limited. That means it is important to have all of your information and the information for your fan verified, qualified friends ready because you will be asked to assign the badges to a profile upon purchase. No e-mail means no assignment means no badge. If you take too long then the badges will be released and you may lose your chance to buy them.

All badge types will be available during the presale in limited amounts and everything is still first-come, first-served as it has been in previous years. Remember, if for some reason you’re not able to get all the badge types you want during this sale you will still be able to participate in the general sale.

Attendees will be allowed to purchase up to 4 badges of each type and only 16 badges in total. Keep this in mind while you are planning with your New York Comic Con squad. You will want to have a clear plan of action if each of you is able to get in and get the passes you need to ensure there is no overlap. Don’t let a lack of planning keep you from living out your nerdy New York Comic Con dream.

Finally remember: while your link is currently active badges will not go on sale until June 10th, 2018 at 10 am ET. That would be 9 am CT, 8 am MT, and 7 am PT for those across the United States. Anyone trying to purchase badges outside of the US should be sure you have your timing figured out.

Going to miss the presale? Or you didn’t get fan verified in time? That’s okay. New York Comic Con will open up fan verification again on Wednesday, June 13th and leave it open until July 8th. You can take that time to get verified and prepare for the general badge sales which will happen July 15th. We’ll have more details as we get closer to those dates.

For now, if you’re participating in the presale: GOOD LUCK. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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