When NBC’s Blindspot first aired last year, the show had an incredibly intriguing plot, rolling with the premise of a woman awakening in New York City with no memory or identity and covered from head to toe in tattoos. Jane Doe, as she’s soon referred to, goes on to use those tattoos to solve crimes with a covert group in the FBI.

Thankfully, the show has continued to maintain its upbeat pace, gripping plot, and compelling puzzles throughout season one. Jane learned to work with the new members of her team, including Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), Edgar Reade (Rob Brown), Tasha Zpaata (Audrey Esparza), and Patterson (Ashley Johnson) while she continued to explore the mystery behind her memory loss and true role in the FBI and purpose of the tattoos.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the cast and show runners behind the hit new drama and learn more about what’s in store for season 2 of Blindspot.

At the end of last season, we saw Weller arrest Jane. When we pick up in season 2, Jaimie Alexander, who plays titular character Jane Doe, claims there will be a 3-month time jump. Jaimie says that Jane will “begin helping herself” rather than looking to others as she had done in season one.

Jaimie hopes to see Tom Lipinski return as Cade, a mysterious man from Jane’s past life who recently tried to kill her, as well as Ennis Esmer return as Rich Dotcom, a comical playboy villain.

When asked about the wide appeal of the show, Jaimie claims that the show has real relationships, believable action, and intriguing puzzles.

Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton lends some comical opinions about what he thinks Kurt has been doing during the 3-month time jump.

Stapleton talks about the addition of Archie Panjabi to the team and that there may be a power struggle between Archie’s new character and Weller.

Ashley Johnson, Audrey Esparza, and Rob Brown sat down together to discuss their supporting roles and the effect Jane’s betrayal will have on the team and their group dynamic. While the cast has only shot one episode, they couldn’t share many spoilers. Johnson and Esparza couldn’t stop crushing on Archie Panjabi and her loveliness.

Esparza is quick to joke that “Jane Doe broke girl code” after betraying the team and they’re not sure how their relationship with Jane is going to proceed or potentially mend.

Executive producers Martin Gero and Sarah Schechter discuss the team dynamic and the continuing fast pace of the show. Gero claims that the first episode is “really about how the team can reconcile what happened last year and whether they can continue working with Jane and whether then can bring down who did this to all of them.” Gero and Schechter, both huge fans of TV, hope to have fans buckle their seat belts and join them for a ride that won’t drag or side track itself.

Blindspot is definitely evolving into a ensemble drama, putting the whole team in the spotlight and drawing on the skills of all the show’s actors. Gero discusses Archie’s role more in depth, claiming she is an NSA agent that is called in to help reconcile the team’s emotions.

Thankfully now in season two, everyone knows who everyone is, or isn’t and there are no more secrets according to Gero. He promises that we’ll learn Jane’s true name right off that bat in the first episode.

For fans of the tattoo mysteries and puzzles, rest assured, Gero says that they will continue but continue to evolve as the characters evolve. They also promise that they have plenty of tattoos to sustain them for many years.

Season 2 of Blindspot premieres on September 14 on NBC at a new time slot!

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