‘Tis the season for elections. If you are already registered to vote and over the age of 18 I’m sure you have been inundated recently with calls about voting for this-or-that candidate. It can be a lot, I know I start to feel the burnout by the time primary ballots are submitted. But there is still more to do, and it is important to vote and allow our voices to be heard across the political spectrum. As the midterm elections approach it is time to get involved and make sure you are ready to vote. 

NerdsVote has got your back. 

Put together by Courtenay Taylor (Mass Effect 2), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Critical RoleSteven Universe), and JP Karliak (Boss Baby: Back in Business), NerdsVote aims to bring together individuals from the voice acting industry and other related entertainment spheres to push the importance of voter registration. Noted to be a non-partisan group (though they admit they as people lean left), their ultimate goal is to remind their fans and the nerd world as a whole that voting is important. 

In line with their mission, NerdsVote has partnered with Headcount.org, a nonprofit doing similar work by tapping into the music industry and setting up voter registration booths at concerts. Together, the pair hopes to reach even more individuals in order to increase voter registration across the country and get more people into the voting booth come November. 

The best part about NerdsVote is how easy they make it for followers to navigate the system and get their information submitted to the appropriate governing bodies. On the website they have four ways to get involved, each including helpful links that take potential voters through step-by-step processes to engage.

You can double check to make sure you are registered to vote in your state, which is particularly important if you have moved recently or cannot remember the last time you filled out a ballot and aren’t sure about your eligibility. 

As we draw closer to the midterm elections in November it becomes all the more vital that future voters not miss their state registration deadlines. “What?” Yeah, that’s right folks: some states put a pause on accepting voter registration leading up to most major elections, meaning if you do not act quickly and get your registration in, you might be out of luck. Thankfully with help from NerdsVote and Headcount.org, you can check your registration dates online with a few clicks of the mouse. 

Still not sold? Not a fan of registering for something online? I get that, and NerdsVote has you covered. Outside of their online activism, they are providing opportunities at conventions for nerds of all types to sign up in person. Their first stop is Phoenix Comic Fest May 24th – 27th. If you’re headed that way be sure to check them out.

Finally, if you are interested in keeping up with what is going on and when their next convention will be, you can follow NerdsVote on Twitter and on Facebook

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