Title: My Girl Power Journal
 Sarah Parvis
Release Date: January 2, 2018
Publisher: Downtown Bookworks
Review Spoilers: N/A
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The latest release in Downtown Bookworks’ DC Girl Power line up is here! Sarah Parvis has expanded upon the empowering sort of prompts she used in Color Me Powerful to inspire girls all over again in My Girl Power Journal. Don’t let the ‘journal’ part fool you. This book is full of all kinds of prompts to keep kids occupied and get girls thinking about the things that make them special.

I was a big fan of Color Me Powerful because it wasn’t just a coloring book. It was an activity book with short writing sections that often asked girls to imagine themselves doing things they may never have thought they could do. We’re not just talking about prompts that had them imaging themselves being superheroes but that saw them being presidents, reporters, and more. My Girl Power Journal takes those kinds of questions and builds on them. Sarah Parvis asks girls to look deeper and go further in their personal reflections.

Some of the questions ask girls to imagine themselves doing certain things and dreaming big. There’s a two-page spread that encourages them to come up with their own idea for an invention and then come up with a slogan for marketing. But it goes even further by asking them how they could better their community by donating some of their profits. There’s even an actual-size square where they can design their own business cards.

Other questions ask girls to think about how things made them feel or to share memories. My Girl Power Journal encourages them to reflect on important moments in their lives as well as their hopes and dreams for the futures. One prompt may ask them to set a series of goals for the year while another may ask them to think of a time they were faced with a tough decision like standing up to a bully… and how they felt when they didn’t do it at the time. 

Don’t worry, though, there are plenty of fun prompts, too!

My Girl Power Journal does a great job of balancing the more serious questions with some entertaining inquiries. It’s not all introspective questioning but plenty of good-natured fun. Alongside a handful of coloring pages there are opportunities to design outfits and superhero costumes. Girls can jot down their favorite movie quotes, video games, sports teams, and more. They can even fill in word bubbles and make their own comics.

Kids who love writing will enjoy all the prompts that get them thinking and they’ll love coming up with their own band names, super powers, and more. My Girl Power Journal is going to be a great gift choice for young DC Comics fans for years to come. Most the questions are timeless. Kids will always have fears they are looking to overcome and they’ll always have best friends to talk about. And the DC superheroines throughout who inspire girls to their greatest potential will always be favorites.

My Girl Power Journal blends journal prompts with more traditional activity book fun to create a great little book.This is going to be a great pick for family members looking for a fun, simple gift to inspire the girls in their lives. And the DC Comics superheroine theme and emphasis on girl power will help make it approachable to girls who will hopefully take some good lessons away from it — or at the very least have some fun!

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