Title: Color Me Powerful
 Sarah Parvis
Release Date: November 7, 2017
Publisher: Downtown Bookworks
Review Spoilers: N/A
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It feels a little odd to be this excited about a kids’ activity book but I loved Color Me Powerful! It’s an incredibly fun book that’s full of wonderful activities, prompts, and more, that even older girls looking to embrace their ‘girl power’ can appreciate.

Color Me Powerful is the latest in Downtown Bookworks’ line of DC-themed books for young readers. It’s part of a sub-series of ‘girl power’ titles that range from board books to picture books and beyond! We’ve been a big fan of their releases and we’ve featured their board book series in our kids’ gift guides for a few years now. But Color Me Powerful may just be one of our favorites.

This is the perfect activity book for young girls looking for a way to express their love of comics and embrace their girl power! Color Me Powerful is full of activities and they aren’t just limited to simple coloring pages. While there are plenty of those for anyone who loves them, there are also word searches, puzzles, and codes to challenge kids. There are even tons of prompts to get them thinking and creating. They can make their own superhero, design their own logo and cape, and imagine themselves running for president!

Color Me Powerful helps girls put the things that make them special down on paper. It’s not just about imagining yourself as a superhero, but also about embracing your real-life talents. Using tie-in prompts inspired by the superheroes that adorn the cover and pages, Sarah Parvis asks girls to think of themselves positively. She encourages them to acknowledge their strengths, to recognize their potential, and to imagine rewarding futures.

Every page of Color Me Powerful seeks to inspire girls to dream big and they are given the freedom to think and dream and create to their heart’s content!

Color Me Powerful is the perfect book for girls who already love comics as well as those who loved Wonder Woman and are just now jumping into the DC universe. It features all your favorite DC superheroines doing amazing things while inspiring young heroines to do the same. And the classic DC comics artwork looks amazing. Do the aspiring, young superheroines in your life a favor and get them Color Me Powerful pronto!

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