Critical Role is a show where a bunch of self-proclaimed nerdy-ass voice actors hang out and play Dungeons & Dragons. At least, that’s what it used to be. Now it is a brand, taking over the streaming world by storm. Critter Hug is merely the latest show in an onslaught of amazing content.

The Premise

The idea behind Critter Hug is simple: give back to the “Critter” community of fans that have made Critical Role what it is today. After all, without their fans, Critical Role would have never been able to launch an animated series or see their clothing line decorate the shelves at Hot Topic.

With this in mind, they highlight games, apps, and local game stores belonging to, or associated with Critters. This gives indie creators a spotlight on their work, and showcases the talent and skill within the Critter community.

The Hosts

Critter Hug is hosted by Mica Burton, a talented actress, cosplayer, and friend of Critical Role. She most recently joined the cast as a guest character, Reani, who helped them on one of their quests. She is joined by Dungeon Master and all around wonderful person Matthew Mercer. Together, they bring a much needed lightness to a heavy world.

From the first episode, you can tell they are passionate about Critters and the amazing things that they do. It is so refreshing to see folks with influence give back to those who might otherwise not find themselves in the spotlight.

To the indie creators and shop owners mentioned on the show? This likely means the world to them.

When and Where to Watch

Critter Hug will release a new episode every first Monday of the month at 10am PST. You can find the episodes on their Youtube Channel. You can also find the first episode embedded below!

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