You have taken care of all of the big items. They came in Amazon boxes and are craftily concealed in the back of a closet or underneath your bed. As the holidays draw closer you are feeling pretty good having gotten ahead of the game for once and then you see them – stockings. They are hanging on the mantel, have been for weeks, but for some reason you completely forgot about their existence. Now they’re mocking you with their jubilant imagery because you have realized something: you forgot to buy stocking stuffers. 

No worries friends, we have you covered with this helpful stocking stuffer gift guide below. Show those stockings who’s boss by getting the nerd or geek in your life something fun from one of the categories below. 



Year after year there is one thing that never fails as a stocking stuffer: ornaments. Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornaments are always at the top of my list because they offer a nice variety of fan-based ornaments that usually turn out to be high quality and collectible. Even if your giftee does not use them on their tree, they make great decorations for any time of the year and are sure to jazz up any cork board or cubicle. 

ThinkGeek also has a nice variety of ornaments and other holiday decorations that could be stuffed into a stocking or presented to your giftee a little early to add some holiday cheer. They’ve even got a Death Star tree topper, which is pretty clever. 

Finally, you can check out Etsy’s offering of hand crafted ornaments from independent sellers. These have the added bonuses of variety and craftsmanship. Nothing quite says “Happy Holidays!” like something that was made with love, even if you were not the one to make it. Plop any variety of nerd search into the search bar with “ornaments” tacked on the end and you are bound to get a unique gift for your loved one’s stocking. 

Thieving Coin Banks

Honestly, this is something that I want for my stocking. 

Ever since I saw this video of a cat’s mind being blown by the thieving kitten-in-a-box, I have been delighted by these little coin banks. They are small, useful, amusing, and most of all would fit perfectly in a stocking. These coin banks are a unique gift, probably not something they are going to get from someone else, and can provide loads of entertainment to the right person. 

Or maybe I’m just easily entertained. 

There are a number of different varieties and animals you can get. My favorite right now is ThinkGeek’s Pika-Bank which is pictured. If that one is a little out of your price range then Amazon has got your back and you can get an affordable cat or panda with two day free shipping for prime members to boot. 

Card Games + Tabletop Game Accessories

Board games will not fit in stockings, but thankfully there are some wonderfully nerdy card games out now that will delight anyone who enjoys playing them. The first on our list is going to be Exploding Kittens, which was created after one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in the site’s history. You can pick it up on Amazon or at most retailers in the game section. 

For a slightly darker turn, you can get your friends the infamous Cards Against Humanity starter pack or any number of the expansion packs if your giftee is already a pro. You’ll also want to keep an eye on their website on Black Friday because they almost always do something crazy. 

Other options for the gamers in your life include dice for those who play tabletop games requiring them, dice bags for those who have too many dice, or get really fancy and get your loved one a wooden dice box like this one we found on Etsy. The options are endless. 


I am a real adult now, because I think I would be absolutely delighted to get some nerdy soap in my stocking. What would have been up there in the “lame” department with Christmas socks back when I was a kid now register on the “cool, I don’t have to pay for it” scale. One I am really fascinated by is Gaming Dice Soap which is available on ThinkGeek and has a dice inside once you use it up! 

For those friends of yours that cannot ever seem to wake up, caffeinated soap might be a better solution. Honestly, if your giftee has something they like then odds are you will be able to find a soap that relates to it. Etsy is full of video game and pop culture themed soap and the best part about buying through that site is you get to support an independent creator who can go on to create more amazing things. 

And more soap, probably. 

Gift Cards

I probably sound like a broken record at this point since this category makes it into every year’s stocking stuffer post… but it is still valid. Sometimes you really cannot figure out what to get someone and the best thing ends up being a gift card so they can buy themselves something. Here’s the thing though, instead of choosing Toys R Us, BestBuy, Target, or Amazon, get a little creative with your gift card giving. 

For the chef in your life, consider getting them a HelloFresh or related food box gift voucher and offer them the joy of cooking on your dime. Put together a number of small gift cards and create a “date night” jar for the couples in your life. $10 to Dennys, $10 for ice cream, $10 for Toys R Us to unlock their inner child, when you put together the small amounts into a cute little package, a bunch of gift cards becomes a thoughtfully handcrafted gift with your giftee’s likes in mind. 

Put a little bit of creative energy into your gift cards and what is sometimes viewed as a cop-out gift becomes a great idea.

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