Synposis of 2×05: We’re at the halfway point and the universe is starting to connect the dots. Dirk and crew make headway on the case. Amanda finds the boys. And the Mage finds some leverage.

This episode of Dirk Gently starts off the way all good things do: with breakfast! Tina, Dirk, and Todd are discussing the case out loud in a diner. And who should they come across? The boy! The Cardenas boy! Who’s actually a fifty-something year old man named Arnold! They take him back to the house, at his request. And Dirk does not feel good about it.

It seems that both Bart and Dirk are second-guessing their powers this season. Bart’s not killing and Dirk’s questioning the universe. But the universe is never wrong. Arnold is the boy who drew Wendimoore. When he sees the walls with all the drawings, he tells the story of the Trosts, the Dengmores, and the Mage.

Wendimoore came from his imagination, as did the boat the fell from the sky, and the One-Eyed Flying Purple People Eater that haunts the “House Within A House.” Arnold also (probably) caused the ’67 power surge, though we’re not quite sure how.

Elsewhere, Farrah becomes an official member of law enforcement since Sherlock needs backup when checking on Suzie. Farrah gets adorably emotional.

Suzie is back to her old self, limping and de-glamorized. She’s not doing a great job of fooling Farrah with her politeness act. She slips up a few facts, but she gets the big lie right. “Scott killed the dog!” She claims. Turning the suspicion on her son, Sherlock and Farrah focus on him and the music festival he’s been going on about all season long.

Amanda and Vogel make it to safety thanks to Farsi and the Baguio Napu. Amanda learns the state of her true being and her true powers thanks to the Watki Wapnasi. She refers to herself as “broken” because of her disease, but it’s in fact her superpower that allows her to free the Rowdy Three and bring them to Wendimoore, just in time to fight the Kellum Army.

I’m continually impressed with the fantasy creatures in Wendimoore. They’re the kind of monsters and aliens I want in Doctor Who. They’re campy, completely original, and far enough out there that it’s hard to recognize them as human or anthropomorphic. I hope Chris Chiball is taking notes.

The climax of this episode is not just the Rowdy Three/Amanda being reunited. It’s also the spell Suzie releases in an attempt to kill Dirk. She desperately fails at “showing her true power.” Unless her true power is giving everyone a high akin to ecstasy. Everyone sheds their insecurities and shares their inner thoughts. Todd redeems himself, Dirk embraces the universe, Farrah confesses her insecurities and that time she and Todd made out.

We’re at the halfway point when storylines begin to converge. For example, the Cardenas “boy” meets the Prince he created; he has a heartache in the aftermath. Suzie’s secret is almost out when she attempts to kill Dirk at the music festival and loses her wand In the process. The Mage kidnaps Sherlock with the help of zombie Bob.

Now that we’re at the second half of the season, we’ll have to see what next week brings!

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