Synopsis for 3×06: Bedelia breaks free, Mason continues to pursue Hannibal, Will and Hannibal finally reunite, and everything gets really bloody really fast.

Rating: ★★★★★

After Hannibal got the shit kicked out of him last week, he limped home to Bedelia. She lovingly patched him up. Meanwhile, Jack watched as they cut down Pazzi and for the first time in a while, he saw Will Graham again. Of course, the first thing they talked about was the cannibal on everyone’s mind. Pazzi had tried to capture Hannibal outside the law and failed. Now it was their turn. Though Jack couldn’t continue without once again questioning Will’s allegiance.

Bedelia, as Hannibal talked about trying to always remember Florence, finally cut the cord between them. She was going to take her leave, and their relationship had apparently not quite reached a point where Hannibal would rather kill her than let her go. Thus far she’d been able to survive him, and it was time for her to play the rest of her game and extract herself from his clutches. She’s doing what Will Graham couldn’t.

Back in America, Mason and Cordell were testing recipes for Hannibal Lecter. Let me just take a moment to say that Joe Anderson is absolutely killing it this season as Mason Verger. Cordell seemed a bit too amused by the concept of testing out ways to cook a man, and was going out of his way to add a thin layer of irony to his recipes, even down to the dishware. Cue a disturbing scene showing Hannibal roasted like a peking duck.

Unfortunately for Mason, his plans slammed to a stop when news hit that Pazzi had been murdered. He’d wasted money, and they were no closer to catching Hannibal. Alana and Margot gave their ten cents and Alana pointed out that if they didn’t act soon, Hannibal would once again disappear.

As they tried to figure out their next move, Bedelia made her’s, and had a nice chat with Chiyo. In the middle of preparing to drug herself with god-only-knows-what, Bedelia was stopped by Chiyo who appeared looking for Hannibal. The two engaged in a fascinating scene as they discussed Hannibal, and his mistakes. Two birds, caged up, now free to do what they wished. Yet Chiyo revealed that her desire was not to kill Hannibal. She wanted to cage him.

Cue Chiyo’s exit and Bedelia’s decision to get high as heck. You go, girl. Too bad Will and Jack had to show up in the midst of her psychedelic high. The gig was up, though Bedelia certainly had a few cards left to play as she proceeded to pretend she was indeed Mrs. Fell. Viewers had been worried for the longest time that Hannibal had been drugging Bedelia, but this scene proved she knew exactly what was happening and it all had a purpose. Claiming to be Mrs. Fell, and pretending to be confused, Bedelia did everything in her power to appear as the innocent brainwashing victim in some killer’s grander scheme.

Margot and Mason had a nice little chat about their plans, and Mason asked his sister what she wanted. They discussed the events of the past season. All Margot wanted was a child, but Mason had removed her ability to have one. He claimed it was a regret, and proposed that they “find a way to be a family again.” The scene was bordering on a Game of Thrones level of creepy incest, but Margot seemed intrigued.

For the first time in season three, six episodes in, Hannibal and Will finally meet each other face to face. Beaten up and bruised, they had a nice little chat on a bench in a gallery where Hannibal was sketching his friends. They discussed their “togetherness,” and the fact neither of them may be able to survive their surgical separation. They’ve blended together, Hannibal succeeded in burying himself in Will’s mind, and they have become nearly the same person. They are conjoined, and things were about to get ugly in the wake of that discovery.

They walked off together, and as they strolled through the streets of Florence, Chiyo made an appearance. Armed with a sniper, she took aim, first at Hannibal and then at Will. As Will pulled out a knife, she shot him in the shoulder, and his ultimate plan was revealed to Hannibal. Hannibal shared a glance with Chiyo up on the rooftop as she took her leave.

Then, in the middle of all the drama, Margot and Alana had a crazy kaleidoscope sex scene which consummated the fact they’d been courting each other. Perhaps the fun part was their ending conversation, regarding Mason’s plans and their’s. Alana intended to turn Mason into the FBI after he captured Hannibal, and Margot was prepared to go along with it, but only if she could acquire his sperm first.

Back with Bedelia, the Italian police questioned her. She continued to play dumb, claiming to be Mrs. Fell, claiming to not know what they were talking about. Jack looked amused, Bedelia rocked it at looking surprised, and Jack finally revealed to the Italian police that Dr. Fell was Hannibal Lecter. He was dismissed from the interrogation and the investigator was left with Bedelia, who continued to play her cards right and scored herself a ticket out of a tricky situation.

Will was having far less fun as Hannibal began to “treat” Will’s wound, going so far as to hand him back his “forgiveness” in the form of the knife he’d planned to use to kill Hannibal. Not one to take attempted murder lightly, Hannibal drugged the heck out of Will and proceeded with his plans. His disturbing, cannibal plans. Strapped to a chair in front of a dinner table, a scene straight out of the Hannibal movie, Will was force fed soup to make him tastier.

Hannibal planned to eat him. As mentioned earlier in the season, it was the only way he’d ever be able to truly forgive Will.

However, the eating was not going to come before Jack was lured into the scene. A third place set at the dinner table demonstrated that Hannibal anticipated the former FBI agent’s appearance. After Jack had a strange, slightly awkward run-in with Chiyo in the elevator, he finally made it to Will and Hannibal. While Hannibal played a sick version of hide and go seek, Will told Jack far too late that the cannibal was hiding under the table. With a well placed slashed to Jack’s Achilles’s heel, Hannibal had them both right where he wanted them.

Back with Bedelia, the investigator pushed her to reveal where Hannibal was. He didn’t care about her guilt or innocence. He cared about the bounty Mason had placed on Hannibal’s head, hearkening back to Alana’s earlier comment that they needed to buy out the entire police department. She gave him up and paved the way for what happened next.

Jack was forced to join the dinner table and watch as Hannibal pulled out a bone saw and began to cut into Will’s head. The scene faded and the next thing the audience saw was Hannibal and Will hanging upside down like meat. Finally, after all of the build-up, Mason had Hannibal Lecter right where he wanted. Served them right for making poor life choices.

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