Synopsis 03×03: Lucifer challenges Maze to hunt the most challenging human she can, so she does, and it turns out a lot differently than she anticipated. 

Maze returned this week and kicked it off drinking at Lux with Linda and Lucifer. They got into a discussion about how demons don’t have souls. Dr. Linda tried to contest the point, but Lucifer confirmed it and suggested to Maze that she go hunt the most challenging human she can. After all, she seemed a little down in the dumps. 

Taking his advice, she ended up in the office of Lt. Herrera and questioned him about the Ben Rivers case. Apparently he was a cold blooded killer who had murdered teenagers in broad daylight. Herrera told Maze to be careful when going after him and not to underestimate him. 

Nonplussed, as a demon would be, Maze decided she was going to go to Canada and track him down. Chloe tried to convince her it was a bad idea, but convincing Maze to change her mind once her mind has been made up is nearly impossible. She made her way to Canada and slam dunked a dude into the snow after he pelted her with a snowball.

Dan, dressed in a fashionable Hawaiian shirt, checked in with Chloe before he was set to head out. Apparently he had a number of layovers because he used his airline points to book the vacation, but he was looking forward to the time off. Lucifer was a jerk about, but Chloe sent Dan off with well wishes. 

Back in Canada, Maze made progress on finding Ben Rivers and tracked him to a ski lodge. After harassing the poor front desk clerk she got information on Rivers’ lady friend. Masquerading as a masseuse she charmed the girlfriend into giving up where she was going to be meeting with Ben later that evening. 

Nervous about Maze’s choice to go after Rivers, Chloe brought in his lawyer and interrogated her. They leaned on her hard by playing up Maze’s violent tendencies, but then Lucifer put on his devilish charm and got her to admit that she knew where he was and wanted to protect him because she loved him. Add her to the list, apparently. 

At the bar where Rivers was going to meet his lady friend he found Maze instead, who handcuffed him to her. He seemed amused and played into the whole thing, only to turn around and handcuff her right back. Maze seemed impressed. 

Chloe called to fill Maze in on what she found, insisting that Rivers is “emotionally dangerous.” Maze shared that she found him but he got away and before they could talk more, Lucifer cut off the phone call. He then proceeded to text Maze the address where she could find Rivers. She found him, they fought, and he claimed that he was innocent. 

He told her that Lt. Herrera would betray her, which gave her pause. 

Speaking of the man himself, Chloe brought him in to give him the updates on the case. He seemed weirdly over-interested in what she had found and told her she’d get all the credit, he just wanted to “carry it across the finish line.” Chloe definitely realized something was not quite right. 

Room service showed up at Rivers’ room and surprise! It was not actually room service, but a lady with a large gun on a mission to kill them. They were forced to take up a defensive position and in the middle of it, Maze’s phone started to go off as Chloe tried to call her. The onslaught of bullets stopped when Maze landed a knife in gun-lady’s chest, but even with that threat temporarily neutralized they were not out of the woods. Rivers had been shot. 

Lucifer expressed his annoyance with Chloe’s concerns to Linda who proposed that maybe Chloe was not off base, and Maze is trying to prove her life has meaning with or without a soul. In the middle of their session there was a video call and it was Maze looking for Linda to help with Rivers’ gunshot wound. Linda, in Dr. McCoy fashion, reminded her she’s a psychiatrist, not “that kind of doctor,” but tried to help anyway. 

Lucifer made the statement that Rivers “broke his Maze” after he spotted her on the video fluffing his pillow. Rivers confessed that he did not kill the kids and was framed by Herrera. Yes, he was not a good man, but those murders were not on him. 

Jumping in to save the day, Hawaiian-shirt Dan showed up on the scene. It turned out one of his layovers was in Vancouver and Chloe had called him asking to check in on Maze and fill her in about Lt. Herrera. During the Dan Distraction, Rivers took off running and Dan suggested they involve the Canadian authorities instead of going after him themselves.

Maze pretended it was a good idea and then ditched him while he was making the call. 

Back in Los Angeles, Chloe and Lucifer brought in the security guard who was a key witness on the case. Convinced that Rivers is guilty, Lucifer began to interrogate the gentleman and in the process managed to prove that the guard had been lying all along. He thought that Chloe was working for Lt. Herrera and he just wanted to tell them what they wanted to hear. 

Maze managed to track Rivers down, but found him on his knees in the snow with the assassin lady from earlier. He tried to give Maze a way out but she refused to leave and claimed that he was her bounty. When it all looked dire, Dan showed up again and tackled some of the guys with guns. The bad guys got their asses kicked and Dan told Rivers and Maze to get out of there. He would handle the carnage left behind. 

Lt. Herrera got a lovely visit from Lucifer, who let him know the jig was up. He was not pleased, but given the break in the case Rivers was no longer a wanted man, which meant he didn’t have a bounty on his head. 

In a heart-to-heart with Maze he told her even so, he would never be able to stop running. Herrera is working for someone powerful (the Sinnerman?) who would stop at nothing to catch Rivers. He tried to convince Maze to run away with him and they shared a kiss, but he realized she was going to go home instead. He left her with one final warning, “Be careful, they know more than you think.”

Making her way home to Los Angeles, Maze found herself surrounded by her makeshift family. She had roots for the first time in a long time. 

Somewhere, someone sinister tucked a file about her away into a cabinet. 

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