Synopsis of 13×01: Picking up immediately where the previous season left off, Sam and Dean grapple with what to do with Jack, while still mourning their losses.

Season thirteen of Supernatural surprised fans by changing their signature song “Carry On Wayward Son” to that of Metallica’s, “Nothing Else Matters.” Though some fans were surprised by the change, given the plotlines of the last few season, “Nothing Else Matters” fits the theme of last season and the start of this season surprisingly well, as Dean and Sam chase after Jack.

“Lost and Found” opens with Sam attempting to talk to Jack, while Dean goes and attempts to shoot Jack. Sam and Dean are still at odds about what to do about Jack, as evidenced by their differing approaches in handling the teenage-angel child. Jack doesn’t respond well to being shot at and uses his angel magic to throw Dean and Sam into a wall.

Jack finds himself at a Pirate Treasure fast food restaurant, where a local employee, Clark calls his mom, the Sheriff, to come and collect the very naked nephilim. Dean and Sam just leave Castiel’s body and go on. This leads Dean and Sam on a goose chase to find Jack, where Dean expresses that he still thinks that Jack should be killed.

The Sheriff and Clark realize that Jack is very childlike and does not seem to know a lot about the world around him. Jack’s character is reminiscent of season four Castiel, but Jack is more childlike in his understanding of the world around him, which contrasts with the teenage body he has taken.

Meanwhile, the angels find Castiel’s body and go on the hunt for Jack as well. Dean and Sam run into a drunk girl, who talks about her roommate Becky (is this a reference to our Becky?) and go the Sheriff’s station to retrieve Jack. Thankfully, Dean gives the watered down to the point version of, “I’m a hunter and monsters exist” speech, seemingly bored and tired of having to do this over and over. Sam talks to Jack, who reveals angel radio hurts him and that Castiel is really his father.

The angels find the Winchesters and Jack and an epic fight ensues. Drunk angel informs the boys that Jack is their ticket to heaven and then stabs Jack with the angel blade. The blade doesn’t hurt Jack and Dean kills the angel.

Dean decided that Jack will go back to the bunker with them, because when things go south (because they will), the only people Jack would hurt would be them. Sam agrees that they should go back to the bunker, but doesn’t agree with his assessment of the situation. The three travel back to the house to bury and burn their dead. Sam asks Dean if he tried Chuck to resurrect Castiel, to which Dean replied he already tried that and Chuck has abandoned them all.

The episode ends with Mary and Lucifer playing cat and mouse in the alternate universe, disproving Dean’s belief that she had been killed.

Overall, for a show in its thirteenth season, the first episode seamlessly picked up where the previous season left off, and even held a few surprises for long-term viewers. Contrary to popular belief, there was no quick fix or divine intervention in bringing back our favorite deceased characters (although I’m sure Cas isn’t going to stay dead for long, because we know he’s coming back).

Additionally, though the boys disagree on what to do with Jack, they haven’t split off or done their traditional arguing. So far, it’s a great start to the season and I’m looking forward for the rest of it,

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