Sherlock: The Empty Hearse Recap

WARNING: The following post contains an excessive amount of spoilers and #feels. Side effects may include gross sobbing, Reichenbach flashbacks, and/or fandom-induced heart attacks. Reader discretion is advised. [youtube=] Don deerstalker. Cue fangirl screams. Set feels to maximum. Aaand we’re back. New Year’s Day saw the end of BBC Sherlock’s […]

Yes Virginia, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has gotten good.

Well, like I ever doubted that. I liked the episode ‘0-8-4’ for crying out loud. [youtube=] But to the question of people who didn’t have the patience to watch beyond three episodes, the show’s quality has indeed spiked since the episode ‘FZZT.’ Fans of Dollhouse will recognize that episode 6 […]