Fans of Psych at New York Comic Con got a special message from Dulé Hill announcing the official air date for Psych: The Movie: December 7th, 2017. The film has been a long time coming, with fans championing the cause since the series ended in 2014 and left everyone wanting more. You can’t blame them, because in the world of television Psych is an up-and-coming-classic. 

James Roday, Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson, Corbin Bernsen, Chris Henze (Producer), and creator Steve Franks all sat down for the reunion panel to talk about the show as it was and what fans can look forward to in the upcoming movie. As a special surprise, panel attendees were the first ones who got to see the initial twenty minutes of the film (and performed a singalong to the opening theme). It was truly a tease because afterward the entire room said they just wanted more. It did not help that the cast teased the audience by saying “maybe we should just air the rest of the movie.” 

Good things are worth waiting for, I suppose. 

After the clip, James Roday started the panel on a somber note and asked for a moment of silence on behalf of Psych family member Terry Goldman who Psych-Os knew well. He was a friend, a family member, and a social media guru who, James Roday said, changed his outlook on social media and marketing. It was clear that for the panelists, Terry Goldman meant the world and left a real impact. They passed on the wishes of his family which touched the audience and reminded us what it really means to live, which is exactly what Terry did for the rest of them.

Moving into a more lighthearted panel discussion, Corbin Bernsen said he would be game for another season or five more movies, which was greeted with audience cheers. Maggie Lawson shared that filming Psych: The Movie “was like coming home.” They returned to the set and picked up right where they left off and had a lot of fun.

Chris Henze, executive producer on the movie, said that they did not only bring the cast family back into the fold. They actually contacted roughly 100 members of their previous crew as well who all worked the movie into their busy schedules to make it a real family affair. 

Corbin took a moment to remind the audience that they, too, were family. Without the fans there would be no movie. 

Even though the series ended in 2014 the cast held out hope for either another season, a movie, or at the very least something more. James said he felt that there was “enough good will” for the show to take it somewhere in the future which made them hopeful.

As for the movie itself, fans will get to see a lot of familiar faces return including John Cena. Corbin was jokingly asked if and when Henry would show up, since he was not in the first twenty minutes of the movie, and he said he “comes in about halfway through and makes an entrance.” 

This is particularly important because at the end of the series everyone except Henry had moved to San Francisco. The moderator for the panel, TV Line’s Michael Ausiello, asked if Santa Barbara would still have a presence. It will still come into play, but they have definitely moved the bulk of the story to San Francisco. 

Other fun reveals: Gus will get a love interest this season and “gets a feeling of what it is like to be Gus’ed” as a result. There will also be a cliffhanger at the end of the movie, because creator Steve Franks said “there is always going to be a cliff hanger in a Psych movie” since that is what leaves the door open to create more. They never want the powers-that-be to end up satisfied with a conclusion. There always needs to be more story to tell. 

The floor was opened up to fan questions and the Psych-Os rushed up. On the topic of whether or not Psych would get another season, Steve said that he was “just happy to get the movie.” One fan asked Corbin what he thought of all of the flashbacks they did throughout the series to Shawn’s childhood and he said that he liked what they brought to the series but hated the wig. 

The panelists were asked about their favorite episodes. James said that he liked the Yin/Yang story arc a lot and Maggie had a difficult time picking just one. On her list was Scary Sherry. They were asked about their favorite blooper moments too and Steve shared that one of the songs that made it into the musical, “Jamaican Inspector,” only made it in because of a last minute situation presenting itself. That was one of the beautiful things about the show: they were able to deviate from the script is amazingly funny ways. 

Finally, someone asked about the origin of the pineapple. Apparently it started as an inside joke from the art department who started sticking a pineapple in every episode for the fun of it. It was only later that the rest of the cast and crew realized what was going on and became aware. The pineapple in the movie is going to end up being a reference to another pineapple from an episode in the series. 

The panel wrapped with a reminder that the Psych team are trying to complete the longest game of pass-the-pineapple through video submissions. You still have time to get in on the madness HERE. The video compilation they already had was absolutely delightful and will continue to grow with help from Psych-Os across the world.

For fans, the Psych: The Movie reunion panel was, as Maggie Lawson said, “like coming home.” It has been such a long time since we were able to see our friends on our television screens after having such a long break. We are looking forward to Psych: The Movie which will be airing on USA Network on December 7th, 2017. Be sure to tune in. 

If you missed the panel or want to relive the most exciting moments you can check out a video of it below compliments of TV Guide

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