Synopsis of 03×02: Lucifer continues his hunt for the Sinnerman and Lt. Pierce may be able to offer some insight on the matter. All the while, Chloe and the team are investigating the death of a would-be stand-up comic. 

Lucifer seemed somewhat back to his old self, taking a pretty lady up to the penthouse for some fun. As she undressed, his wings unfurled of their own volition and she wanted him to keep them out. Maybe she could even dress up as the devil… and the fun ended there when Lucifer decided it was time to cut them off again. He asked her to leave and set to it. 

When he brought it up in his latest session with Dr. Linda, she said she was concerned about his self-mutilation. He brushed it off, claiming the wings were coming back against his will, so he would keep cutting them off. We caught a small glimpse of Dr. Linda’s struggles, too, as it was made clear she is trying to cope with her own recent trauma by getting back to work. 

Lucifer complained that the Sinnerman stole his schtick, and expressed general unease about someone stealing his identity. 

When he got to the station, Chloe shared that they had closed the case of Sam, the man left skewered under the pier. Lucifer was not satisfied and insisted they continued the search for the Sinnerman only to be cut off when Lt. Pierce appeared. She told Lucifer afterward that he sounded crazy and the last thing they needed was their new boss to overhear him. He was told to focus on the case at hand, so they went to the new crime scene. 

The dead guy was a man named JD Woodstock, a failed comedian who had recently accused a very popular sitcom star of stealing his jokes. Ella, who happened to be a big fan of the sitcom star, seemed skeptical. Lucifer focused only on the concept of stolen identity (the issue he is currently dealing with) and decided to throw all of his energy into the case. 

Off in the distance, Lt. Pierce spied on all of them. 

Amenadiel met up with Dr. Linda, who wanted to thank him for saving her life. When he tried to get at how she was doing she flipped the subject back to him, congratulating him on getting his powers back. He admitted it was a one-time thing and shared with her that he was being tested. She offered to help, he said there was something he needed to do at the penthouse and he would gladly accept her help. 

Dan went to see Pierce because he wanted to start off on the right foot this time, but Pierce was not particularly interested. Instead he wanted something from Dan: all of the intel he had collected on Lucifer when they first started working together. 

Chloe, Lucifer, and fangirl Ella showed up on the set of Bobby Lowe’s show to find the man himself being prickly and unkind to his PA. They were invited to sit in on the taping, the premise of the show being Bobby Lowe’s character dealing with his insecurities by talking with his imaginary puppet friends. Lucifer, in typical overreacting fashion, burst onto the stage, grabbed a puppet, and accidentally shot Bobby with it. 

After the cameras were off Bobby explained that yes, he had stolen jokes from JD and had also been receiving death threats. He kept the gun on set because he felt he needed to protect himself. He also put the team on another lead, telling them that JD’s jokes were about someone he knew. From there, Chloe determined that whoever the jokes were about stopped sending Bobby threatening messages and killed JD instead when they realized he was the real joke writer. 

Did I mention that Bobby Lowe’s show was originally about a guy with a micropenis? Lucifer had fun with that one.

In a heated conversation with Maze over the phone, Lucifer realized a few minutes too late that someone was in his apartment. Lt. Pierce had let himself in to warn Lucifer about going after the Sinnerman. He confirmed that the Sinnerman was real, that he was dangerous, and that Lt. Pierce had lost someone close to him in Chicago as a result of his investigation into the mystery man. He wanted Lucifer to drop it, Lucifer bit down further into it instead. 

Dr. Linda joined Amenadiel at Lucifer’s apartment to help dispose of his wings. They took them out to a garbage can in bags and Amenadiel set it on fire, saying if Lucifer was going to treat them like garbage then he would too. He also told Linda that Lucifer never seemed to realize how much his actions hurt him, and in her infinite wisdom she pointed out that maybe Lucifer is his test. 

Dan interrupted Lucifer’s attempt to tell Chloe about Lt. Pierce’s visit, sharing that if they wanted to find the guy with a micropenis then they could go to an open mic night and try to flush him out. Dan offered to do standup and started making fun of people with the condition with Lucifer heckling him from the audience. Tomatoes were thrown, Dan ran off the stage, and when they regrouped later a guy with a micropenis thanked Lucifer for standing up for people like him. 

When they brought the gentleman into the station he admitted he was angry at Bobby and had sent death threats, but when he realized they were JD’s jokes he stopped being upset. He could get behind a struggling comic trying to make a living, and said that JD had recently been contacted by a warm-up comic about a potential gig. The very same warm-up comic that had been at Bobby’s show. Apparently there’s a lot of money to be made.

Back to the studio, Lucifer and Chloe were on the search for Shelia the warm-up comic. They split up and Chloe found Bobby on the floor with a head wound while Lucifer confronted Shelia up on a catwalk. While he kept her attention and got a confession out of her, Chloe dropped a sandbag, which startled Shelia enough for Lucifer to knock her out with a swift punch. They got their lady. 

Lt. Pierce once again approached Lucifer to talk about the Sinnerman, pointing out he brought in Alonzo who was the gentleman who confessed to murdering Sam. Pierce had been unable to get anything out of him and wanted to give Lucifer a shot. If he was not going to back down on his search for the Sinnerman, then he wanted them to team up and keep it quiet in order to keep everyone else safe. Lucifer reluctantly agreed. 

When he interrogated Alonzo he got nothing. It turned out the guy really believed that he had killed Sam as retribution for sleeping with his girlfriend, nothing more. 

Lucifer checked in with Dr. Linda, who told him to stop cutting off his wings. She then shared a little about how important it was to not let external circumstances control them. Lucifer took that and ran with it, saying it was time to get back into the favor game and reclaim his identity. The final scene ended with a long line of people looking to have their greatest desires fulfilled. 

This probably won’t end well.

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