Starz hit it out of the park with their Neil Gaiman adaptation, American Gods, which premiered last spring. Leaving us on a high note, the series left audiences hungering for more of their favorite gods, old and new.

At New York Comic Con this past weekend the great people at Lionsgate decided to bring a bit of the television show to the streets of New York and took over Stitch Bar on W 37th, turning it into Jack’s Crocodile Bar.

Press and comic con attendees were invited, packing the small venue with people eager to catch a glimpse of the stars themselves and excited to win some free swag. Members of the press were invited through a private RSVP link, while comic con attendees who followed American Gods on Twitter were able to win entrance to the party by completing a New York Comic Con scavenger hunt. Attendees had to find four separate booths on the crowded convention floor and collect stamps in order to join the after party fun. 

Once inside the bar, fans of the show could pose with the famous albino bison and a number of other props in front of a backdrop that transported them straight into the world of American Gods. The bar was stocked with character-themed cocktails and everyone got to take home a Jack’s Crocodile Bar coaster to remember the event. 

To add to the fun, the first dozen or so people who took a picture and shared it on social media were able to win a not-yet-released gift from Dark Horse Comics, consisting of either a pint glass or Mad Sweeney’s lucky coin. Topping off the night, fans were able to chow down on some amazing food while they waited for a not-so-surprise appearance from a few of the cast members who were attending the convention. 

Up on the second level was a press room for specific outlets who got a chance to talk to the cast one-on-one. Toward the end of the party, as everyone was finishing their drinks, Pablo Schreiber, Ricky Whittle, and Yetide Badaki wound their way down to mingle with fans and cosplayers. We stayed long enough to catch Ricky Whittle, who was an amazing ambassador for the show and took time to meet with everyone who wanted to say hello. 

While American Gods is currently available in digital HD, you will not be able to get your hands on the DVD or Blu-Ray set of season one until October 17th. You can secure your copy now by pre-ordering on Amazon. Jack’s Crocodile Bar might be gone, but the first season of American Gods on DVD and Blu-ray has got you covered.  

Our thanks to Lionsgate for the party invite. 

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