Synopsis of 03×02: Clem and Not-Clem face off over Mitch who is mostly confused. It turns out Jackson created a new identity for himself which is at risk when Logan makes an appearance to talk about the bombings. Abraham and Dariella have to fight off hybrids who somehow made it past the wall. All this and more on this week’s Zoo

After last week’s bombing there were 96 people dead, 100 wounded, and Jackson believed the explosion is his fault. His girlfriend, Tess, tried to reassure him and told him to stop taking on the world’s problems as his own. After all, he’s not Jackson Oz, right? Oh wait.

Apparently after everything that happened last season Jackson assumed a new identity and a new life, leaving the life of Jackson Oz behind. Now known as Dylan, his girlfriend has no idea that everything actually is kind of his fault and probably doesn’t know that he can communicate with other animals with his mind. 

Still no one knows who the real Clem is, both equally convincing. 

Somewhere in an office a woman named Leanne tried to get support for research to reverse the sterility problem. It turned out she worked for Reiden Global, a company once again turning over a new leaf to try and save humanity. She lied to the investors about where they were in the research but did find out they had a breakthrough thanks to Abraham’s research, stolen and passed through the University of Michigan by Dariela. 

Speaking of, Dariela told Abraham that she did not like being benched and wanted to go with Jamie and Clem to find Mitch. Abraham reassured her that they had a mission: raising their son. Their conversation was interrupted by a sound in the front yard and when Abraham went to check it out he found himself face to face with an unhappy hybrid. 

Post-bombing, Logan tried to get in touch with Jamie but could not reach her. He did make the connection between their bomb and the one in Portland and during his research saw a picture of Jackson. Logan decided it was time to head West to meet up with him and try to coordinate an investigation.

Jackson conducted an investigation of his own and found a disc underneath the bomber’s car, unaware that she was watching him.

Abraham had to deal with the hybrids outside and stashed his son downstairs in a cellar room. His attention was drawn back to the blood sample because it had grown into a fetus. They realized that was why the hybrids were there. They wanted their offspring. Dariela insisted they give it up but Abraham claimed it could help his research. In the end they faced off with a hybrid that got into the house and lost the fetus but made it out with their lives. 

Mitch was told that the IADG wanted information on blue diaspora, which he claimed to know nothing about. The agent left and Clem insisted that they had to get out of there. She told Mitch the people there did not work for the IADG. They were leftover shepherds.

Speaking of shepherds, Not-Clem found one in lockup in Jamie’s plane. Apparently he had been giving her information to hunt down the rest of the shepherds. They were going to hit the jackpot once they got to Mitch.

Logan made it to Jackson and got the details about the woman who bombed the safety zone. Later Jackson received a call from the bomber telling him to keep the disk he found and to tell him his world would crumble because he ruined her life. When he shared this information with Logan, Logan dropped a bomb: her name is Abigail and she is Jackson’s sister. 

Jamie lured the shepherds into her plane and shot them with tranq darts. Everyone but the leader was taken out. The leader had cornered Mitch and Clem and threatened to kill Clem. They got out of the situation and ran into Not-Clem. Clem and Not-Clem faced off, both insisting they were the real deal and Not-Clem dropped her weapon and reached into her pocket. Mitch shot her. 

Turned out Not-Clem was really his daughter. The other Clem was an impostor working with the shepherds. She was about to claim her victory when Jamie shot her and saved both Real-Clem and Mitch. Real-Clem would recover from her wounds and gave Mitch and Jamie some time to catch up. 

It turned out Mitch only remembered claws and biting before he was taken out of stasis. Jamie vowed to figure out who had put him in stasis and why. 

Abraham and Dariela recovered from the hybrid attack and received a visit from the military. They ushered them into the kitchen and showed them a video from Leanne of Reiden Global, letting them know that their child had been selected for a new trial aiming to help reverse sterility. 

Yup, they got tricked. While they were watching the video the soldiers were taking their son Isaac and they ran out of the house just in time to see him in the back of a truck with a bunch of other kids. How else are you going to transport kids? Humanely? Get outta here. 

The episode closed on Real-Clem taking some time away in the bathroom to check a heartbeat. Not hers, though, because apparently she is with child. She might just be the key to saving humanity. 

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