After five seasons, the Arrow cast has gotten good at evading and sidestepping any spoilery information that can slip out during interviews. The season five finale ended with Oliver and his son William on a boat with Chase as they escaped Lian Yu only to find out that even after Chase has been defeated that his friends will die because the whole island is rigged to blow. You wanna talk cliffhangers? We’re looking at the biggest one.

Even though we’re pretty sure we can figure out who is safe and who isn’t, the cast did quite a lot of dancing around the topic when we interviewed them at San Diego Comic-Con and even with a week before the sixth season premieres, most of the content we’ve seen come from The CW leaves the fate of our heroes up in the air.

The sixth season picks up some after the explosion, with William pointing to Oliver when he asks him who he thinks the bad man is. Yikes. “I’m really excited that I’m getting to play some new stuff,” Amell commented, regarding taking on the role of a father with Oliver’s son William. Star City is improving and getting better, even if Oliver is facing the aftermath of a tragedy.

Stephen Amell also teased more significant scenes with the members of Oliver’s team. The dynamic between him and his team has changed, “It used to be I come back to the Arrow Cave, I yell at people, I walk away. Ff we do that what was the point of season 5? You gotta grow,” Amell commented. “I’m getting to have scenes with people on a peer level that I haven’t had before.”

Footage reveals that Slade made it off Lian Yu fin since he was the only one who knew about the boat on the other side of the island. After season after season of different variations and evolutions of Oliver Queen, what has Stephen Amell learned? “Life is fragile. He lost, his dad, he lost his mom he lost his best friend. Life is fragile.”

Oliver’s got more than just Slade Wilson and the fate of his friends to contend with. The trailer shows a whole new lineup of villains that Oliver has to face, and among them is a familiar face. We see shots of the lovely Katie Cassidy, back by popular demand, as Black Siren face off the newly minted Dinah Drake Black Canary played by Juliana Harkavy. We’re more than eager to see Cassidy back on the show, even if she’s not the same Laurel we know and love.

“They’re both very driven, nothing will stop them or get in the way of what they’re trying to accomplish,” Cassidy commented on the difference between our Laurel and Earth Two’s Laurel. Cassidy reveals coming up with an elaborate backstory for Black Siren, one that involves losing her father at a young age and seeking revenge that eventually lead her down the wrong path. “I think that there is a chance of redemption for her,” she added, “If you get through her walls I think she has a sad story and the other characters might see that and have sympathy or empathy for her.”

Check out the rest of our interviews with the cast during Comic-Con below. Arrow returns Thursday, October 12 at 9/8c on The CW.

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