Synopsis for 3×13: Alicia must take charge of the group as they find themselves trapped, while Nick tries to get Troy to atone for his mistakes with a rescue mission.

After safely shutting themselves in last week, the ranchers and the Nation realize their next problem: for all the supplies they’ve got, there’s no air coming through the vents. Alicia and Ofelia quickly realize that they’ve got maybe two hours before the air is all carbon dioxide. They have to unblock the air vent, but to buy them some time, it’s suggested that fewer people means oxygen is used at a slower rate.

Briefly, they talk about the best way to go about murdering people who don’t have much longer anyway. Ultimately, Alicia simply asks for those who have been bitten to volunteer themselves. After a tense stand-off, people do begin to come forward.

Outside, Troy wants to take the time to bury Jake, but Nick gives him a no-bullshit talk about stowing all of his flowery thoughts. If they don’t help everyone else by torching the gas and drawing the infected, people are going to die.

Crazy Dog and Ofelia climb into the vent in hopes of getting the air flowing again before it runs out. Meanwhile, Alicia is left to deal with all of the quarantined people who have been bitten. They continue to be skeptical, but one brave soul volunteers to be the first killed. He separates himself from the group, takes morphine, and Alicia has to kill him with an knife to the head.

Immediately after, Alicia rushes back through the sick group and begins to break down. Another bitten woman, Christine, goes to Alicia and tells her that she needs to do her part for everyone else. She hands Alicia back the knife and tells her that she’s the strong one.

Nick draws the attention of the herd with another explosion, but their rescue attempt is short-lived. Troy is supposed to drive the car towards the gas tanks, but ends up crashing instead. They end up having to abandon the truck for the broken down helicopter, where they’re quickly surrounded. At least Troy is having fun when they turn on the helicopter rotor blades.

Alicia systematically kills the rest of the infected, until only she and Christine are left. Sick, but not dead yet, she tells Alicia about her previous husbands and Alicia tells her more about Nick. Christine admits that she wasted much of her time hiding and makes Alicia promise not to make decisions based on fear. Not long after, they both seem to pass out from lack of oxygen.

Inside the vents, Crazy Dog has a panic attack – breathing heavily and slamming around in the metal tube loudly. Ofelia has to talk him down and they talk about the families they left behind to get to where they are before moving on.

In and out of consciousness, Alicia is delirious, singing, and struggling to breathe. She makes enough noise to attract a re-animated rancher and fights the woman off by near dumb luck. Then she passes out, camouflaged by the dead woman, as others begin to get up and feed.

It’s just one body blocking the vent and, after a brief scuffle, Ofelia and Crazy Dog do succeed in getting the air flowing again. Alicia wakes up, only to find her in the center of trouble. She’s forced to fight off a large group of infected on her own, pausing to drag Christine to safety. As she begins to get overrun, Madison and Nick burst in and safe her. She kills Christine and escapes the supply room with them.

Once the dust settles, Madison tells Ofelia about her father and shares the plan with everyone: they’re headed to the trading post. Alicia finds out that Jake didn’t make it and asks about the herd. Nick covers for Troy, claiming he came to warn them about it.

When Madison gets the group moving, Alicia announces that she’s not going. Her plan is to head for the cabin Jake had shown her because she wants to learn to live for herself. Madison allows her to go, but not without sending Nick and Troy after her. What could possibly go wrong…?

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