It’s been well over a decade since the space epic Battlestar Galactica graced our small screens telling a story about survivors trying to find a new home on a battleship in space while fighting off a robot army that has infiltrated their families and lives and threaten their existence. This iconic series was a critical success and fan favorite and it has inspired many offshoots since its conclusion in 2009. 

For many fans, it’s difficult to find anything that measures up to the complexity of this series, so when the cast announced a reunion at San Diego Comic-Con this year, this thirteen-year-old show still garnered quite a crowd of dedicated fans who still had their burning questions for the cast. 

We were lucky enough to sit down with a couple members of the cast to talk a little bit about their experience and looking back on the project. The actors talked about their participation on the show, looking back at it through the lens of our current world, talking to passionate fans that are still in love with their show, and who thought who was a cylon. You can find our interviews with Tahmoh Penikett and Tricia Helfer below. 

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