Synopsis for 3×11: Strand tries to make good on his promise for an unending water supply to the ranch. It involves re-acquainting Madison with an old friend.

After saving Strand’s life last episode, Madison and Walker are invested in his promise of an unlimited water supply, so they’re taking the water truck on a road trip. How they have the gas for that, I’ll never know. And how Strand’s tiny beeping device moves a whole herd of infected is also something of a plot miracle. But they get where they want to be soon enough.

Water truck safely tucked away, Strand cavalierly leads them down into the tunnels in order to get to the dam, but gets lost just as quickly. He finally admits to Madison that they’ll probably run into Daniel at the dam and that he won’t be pleased to see him. But Madison tells him Ofelia is actually alive on the ranch and, air cleared, they find the markings to help them navigate through the tunnels.

They’re crawling through the tunnels now, with Madison leading the charge right into a bloated infected blocking their path. But with water promised and the ranch on the line, Madison wastes no time in dispatching of it and further dismembering it in order to clear a path.

At the same time, Daniel and Lola’s men, including Efrain, are fleeing from another water dispensing gone wrong. One man was grazed with a bullet, but Efrain blames Daniel for “shooting first” to start a riot amongst the people.

When they get back to the dam, Daniel notices Strand, Madison, and Walker crawling out of the pipes. He wants to go after Strand, but Madison stops him with news that Ofelia is alive because of Walker. He’s skeptical, but Madison has never lied to him before and informs him that they need water for their ranch.

Daniel takes them to Lola, opting to speak with her first before they head into the office. While Madison and Walker decide on who will do the negotiating, Strand watches from outside the office as Daniel and Lola argue. When Madison’s group is invited into the office, they’re immediately told by Lola that there is no water for them. Daniel makes no argument in their favor, but at least they’re allowed to spend the night?

Later, Lola finds Daniel and asks after Ofelia. He admits to her that she’s at the ranch where Madison came from. Ofelia is safe, but Lola still needs his help at the dam, so he wants to keep his promise to her and not go after his daughter. Elsewhere, Walker explains to Strand exactly what it means that Madison blew the first water deal for him: the ranchers will have to leave because there’s not enough water for both groups.

Madison catches Lola outside and apologizes to her about the water. She understands what it will look like if Lola begins trading with outsiders, but still she gives Lola some real talk about being a leader. It’s impossible for a leader to do right by everyone.

Strand offers to help Efrain with doctor duties in order to snoop about. He learns of Daniel starting the fight with the villagers before they try to censor themselves around “the snake.” Efrain thinks Daniel is paranoid and that they shouldn’t be controlling the water. They need to release all of it, allow the rains to fill the dam again, and let God make the choices. Strand simply says that them not wanting Daniel to be right doesn’t necessarily mean he’s wrong.

Meanwhile, Daniel sits down with Walker to thank him for saving Ofelia. Unfortunately, that goodwill is short-lived as Walker recounts her poisoning of the militia. He hails her a hero, but Daniel is dismayed to learn that she’s become a killer.

When Strand goes to re-group with Madison, she shares with him that Lola offered her and her kids a place at the dam, but she doesn’t think the place is safe. Strand has faith in her and asks what she wants when there are no limitations. She decides that she wants to be on the ranch and Strand admits he sees a future where he doesn’t fail his friends.

In the morning, Lola and Daniel are discussing the next water distribution in a town that attacked them last time. She’s short with Daniel and unsure if he has their best interests at heart. He forcefully explains that he is there to keep her safe and keep the dam safe through any means necessary. Later, when he sees Strand he slyly admits that he’ll look the other way if something happens to benefit both of them.

Walker leaves the dam on foot, telling Madison that she and the ranchers will have to go. When Madison goes to leave in the truck, Strand stops her and it explodes. The infected start breaking through the fence, but the people of the colonia are also quickly closing in and Lola’s people must rush to secure the perimeter.

Realizing the depth of her problem, Lola decides to make a deal with Madison for guns. For 10,000 gallons of water a week, Madison will get her guns. They’ll meet at the trading post they saved Strand from and Ofelia will be at the first trade in five days. Madison and Strand also get a new water truck out of the deal.

On the drive, Madison asks Strand how he did it, but he plays coy before admitting that he “saw it in a movie.” They pick up Walker on the way back to the ranch.

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