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Spider-Gwen #23

Authors: Hannah Blumenreich & Jason Latour
Artists: Hannah Blumenreich & Robbi Rodriguez
Publisher: Marvel

In this issue of Spider-Gwen, the focus is not actually on our favorite web-slinging heroine, but rather on her friends and their adventure without Spider-Gwen. It was a fun break away from the drama and the angst of the main story line, as Utua laments that even he was tired of watching.

After being reprimanded, Utua finds his eye drawn to Mary and the Mary Janes. MJ remains convinced that Gwen is Spider-Woman, and her fellow bandmates, Betty and Glory, don’t believe her. The rest of the issue follows the girls around in a ridiculous adventure about MJ attempting to retrieve her ex-boyfriend’s records. Betty, quiet and unassuming, gains the unwanted attention of a guy who won’t take no for an answer. MJ and the girls rally together and beat him up after he continues to pursue Betty.

Overall, this was a fun filler issue that emphasized female relationships and how sometimes they can be catty and passive aggressive, but will always be there when it counts. Hopefully, this issue will be used as a stepping stone for Mary Jane and the Mary Janes to be an additional support to Gwen.


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