Synopsis of 03×10: Not-Mitch kills Abigail but nothing is really as it seems. Meanwhile, beacons around the world are activated, causing hybrid nests to come to life. 

My alternative title for this episode: How do you solve a problem like Abigail? 

Last episode, Clem was on the verge of losing her baby due to whatever it was that Abigail put in Sam Parker’s blood. The only fix was to inject her with a solution made from the hybrid proteins in order to accelerate her pregnancy and induce labor. Sam was not a fan and tried to stop him but Jackson showed up at the last minute and knocked him out cold, telling Abe that Sam was not innocent and was working with Abigail.

Speaking of Abigail, after Jackson took her spinal fluid she went into crisis mode and was actively trying to die. He insisted that Abe try and save her even though he showed some serious reluctance to help their enemy. Jamie, separate from the crew, tried to enlist Not-Mitch to kill Abigail for them and threatened to lock him away in Mitch’s mind forever if he does not cooperate. Cooperating, however, would earn him some freedom. 

Not-Mitch questioned Jamie’s decision to go against her team, who finally agreed to save Abigail. She said she was just trying to break the dangerous cycle they had entered into. Jackson always seemed to get caught up in dangerous missions that put everyone at risk and she wanted to end it once and for all. 

In Seoul, Logan and his crew investigated and set charges around the hybrid nest there. They were able to temporarily stun the eggs to keep them from releasing deadly spores but it did not last long. While he was focused on that, the head of the IADG approached Dariela, who had taken her son to safety, to offer her a job. She relented after a talk with Abe about whether or not taking the job would make her a hypocrite (honestly it kind of does). 

During Abigail’s surgery scene I had a hard time focusing on anything except one question: when was the last time Mitch or Not-Mitch washed his hair? Jamie, however, was focused on whether or not Not-Mitch would follow through on the deal they made and kill Abigail. 

Jackson tried to reason with Sam down in holding, but he refused. The only person’s opinion he cared about was Clem’s. Unless she got out of the tank and explained it all to him, he didn’t want anything to do with Jackson.

Defeated, Jackson returned to medical where they were trying to save Abigail. Apparently they needed to “put back what they took” from her, but it was more than just returning her spinal fluid. According to Abe, they would need to synthesize all of the spinal fluid they’d collected from the various hybrids and that meant they wouldn’t be able to save the world. 

Jackson being Jackson, he told Abe to save Abigail and he’d worry about getting more spinal fluid. Science, y’all. 

He took off to meet up with Logan in Seoul to gather said spinal fluid and everything went to hell in a hand basket on the plane. Not-Mitch swapped out a syringe with epinephrine in order to induce cardiac arrest and killed Abigail. This set off a beacon in her neck which, according to the IADG, started to activate the hybrid nests. Jamie tried to destroy Not-Mitch by double crossing him, but he threatened to cut his own throat and they ended up fighting.

There was a whole side-plot about the hybrid invisible snake egg that Max brought onto the plane getting out and wreaking havoc but it essentially cancelled itself out.

Abe and Max could not turn the beacon off. The IADG started to panic because there were more nests than they anticipated. Not-Mitch was put out of his misery but not before getting the last word in about how he and Abigail left a “treat” for the team. That treat turned out to be Abigail who came back to life, stabbed Abe, cancelled the hybrid nest data transfer (thus rendering the IADG helpless to stop the beacons), then proceeded to shoot literally everyone before leaving the plane.  

I have to admit, the girl has serious style. 

The episode concluded with Clem, newly out of the tank and very pregnant, trying to figure out where everyone went. 

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