Synopsis of 2×01: While new forces emerge, fixed on understanding the changing nature of synthetic humans, Elster’s synths gain comrades among their newly conscious counterparts. The Hawkins family gathers the pieces from the wreckage of their relationships and struggle to build a stable foundation for the future.


So Here’s The Skinny

  • The premiere places a great focus on Niska, just as in the previous season, as she attempts to connect to the human world. Before long she abandons it and uploads an update that has caused consciousness in synthetic humans in various corners of the world. She visits the Hawkins family for their help once again.
  • Laura and Joe Hawkins visit a couples therapist to resolve their issues. Lo and behold, they actually make progress! Sadly, he loses his job.
  • Synths are becoming “alive” all over the world. One of them, Hester, has joined forces with Leo and Max.
  • Mia is working at a parlor, where she is pretending to be a normal synth while fulfilling her desire to grow closer to humanity.
  • We are introduced to a new doctor, Dr. Athena Morrow, played by Carrie Anne Moss. Dr. Morrow has her own A. I. computer system that she advises to play dumb when necessary. She has also been recruited by Milo Khoury to discover the source of these synth awakenings.

The season premiere of the second season begins with Niska visiting a night club and attempting to embrace the energy around her. Compared to her attitude towards the end of the first season and just in general, we can already see a different version of her that is more interested in being a part of the human world.

She is approached by Astrid, a young woman who has noticed her at this club on many nights before and developed a bit of a crush. They leave together and retire to Niska’s apartment for the night. The next morning they go out for brunch. Astrid unknowingly eases Niska’s fear of how awakening synths may cause more harm than good and makes it easier for her to make the decision.

Niska visits a public computer lab of sorts and uploads a program to all synth units. It is at this point that we see the significance of Astrid meeting Niska, but Niska’s plan seems to fail. We learn that it was a success when we see a San Bartolome Mining company in Bolivia, where synths are being used to perform menial work deemed too dangerous for humans. A synth gains awareness from Niska’s program and departs for the surface.

We are reintroduced to the Hawkins family,  around which the first season revolved, as they try a fresh start in a new house in New York. Mia is working at a parlor pretending to be a normal synth in the hopes of learning more about humanity and the nature of her potential. Meanwhile, another female synth gains awareness at a power plant and escapes. Through a phone, she receives a private message from an anonymous party trying to aid her.

Laura and Joe sit in an office waiting room to meet with a relationship counselor. Due to the therapist becoming unavailable, they meet with “Barbara,” a therapy synth. Although initially resistant to work with a nonhuman about emotions so naturally human, they are soon convinced of her utility.

Barbara picks up instantly on the exact state of their relationship. Joe excuses his infidelity with the usual suspects: influenced by a state of inebriation; lonely; emotionally and physically starved. Then he lays the whopper of unjustified cliches: He did it to be noticed. Laura believes him because he is being completely honest. 

Leo and Max meet the newly awakened female synth, who goes by the name of Hester. They explain to her that she is alive. The first awakened synth, Ten, emerges and offers his understanding only to be killed moments later by a shot to the forehead.

Dr. Shaw and Dr. Averly, two figures of authority from Hester’s time as a mindless synth, appear under the guise of selfless aid. Hester trusts Max instead and leaves with the others. In mere seconds, they’re cut off by gun-equipped lackeys. They fight and escape, forced to leave the dead Bolivian synth behind.

Joe meets with a head mucky-muck at his company. Management has decided to switch regional manager roles to a nonhuman role to improve efficiency, which is bad news for Joe because Joe is a regional manager himself. Joe argues, but gets shown up by a synth that was brought along, probably to do exactly that.

In the California Science Institute in San Francisco, we’re introduced for the first time to Dr. Athena Morrow played by Carrie Anne Moss. In her lab, she converses with Vee, an A. I. operating system she developed. Milo Khoury pays a visit to recruit Dr. Morrow to make conscious synthetics. She turns him down and once he leaves, Vee portrays a level of curiosity only present in higher level thinking.

Leo and Max reconnect with Mia. Leo and Mia argue about what their role should be in the midst of synths gaining awareness worldwide. Unlike Leo, Mia wants to be around people and fully understand the potential of what she can become.

Dr. Morrow visits Khoury’s lab and after being introduced to Artie, an awakened synth, she agrees to join his cause. As the Hawkins family picks at their dinner, the kids argue that it’s hard to be normal after having been part of something so big. Joe admits that he has lost his job.

Later on, Joe and Laura lay in bed discussing his job and she consoles him. After falling asleep, they are awoken at 4:30 in the morning by a knock on the front door. They answer it and find Niska on their doorstep. She’s here for their help.

The tracks have been laid for the ride that will hopefully prove to be a good season. We have been introduced to several characters and also witnessed the older characters struggling to fix everything that fell apart in the previous season. Based on the focus placed on different locations around the world so far, we can see that this season is going to take place on a much bigger scale than before.

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