Synopsis of 01×09: Jane, Sutton, Alex, Pinstripe, and Jacqueline are all trapped in the Scarlet offices due to a massive traffic jam. Forced to spend some time together, Jane reexamines her feelings for Pinstripe. Sutton makes a surprising move. Kat makes an impulsive decision when she learns Adena is leaving New York. 

Kat is eagerly awaiting Adena’s flight to land in New York City from Paris (yay, love!). Jane is trying to decide if she should stay at Scarlet or move on to Insight. She’s made a list, checked it twice, but needs to make a decision as soon as possible. Sutton is on the hunt to make a name for herself in the fashion world and jumps at the opportunity to get a solo credit in the magazine.  

Jane pitches Jacqueline about a genderless clothing article she’d like to pursue. Jacqueline likes the idea, but it needs a twist, so she assigns the article to Alex to get a male’s prospective. Jane is fine with Alex writing the article, but disappointed that Jacqueline assigned her to write the monthly quiz. Jane thinks she’s capable of so much more, and she is. Maybe this is the push she needs to leave Scarlet. Pinstripe tells Jane that he got let go from his job. Jane feels horrible about what happened to him but happy that he reached out to say goodbye. 

After learning that Alex will have to wear genderless clothing to write the article, Sutton asks him to consider her as his stylist. She really wants a solo credit in the magazine and since Oliver isn’t around, she decided to pitch herself. It doesn’t take much to convince Alex (considering he likes her) and Sutton lands the job.

Adena is detained at the airport and being sent back home due to the status of her visa. Kat freaks out and impulsively purchases a first class ticket that costs $11K just to get into the airport. Sutton and Jane thinks it’s an insane decision, but they support her and wish her luck. 

Thanks to a presidential visit from Trump, everyone is stuck in the office building, including Ryan. He bumps into Jane on his way out and she invites him back to Scarlet to wait out the street closure. Sutton, Jane, and Ryan sit in the pantry making alcoholic drinks. Alex walks in on the group just as Jane reveals that she received a job offer from Insight. Surprisingly, he’s not upset about it and tells Jane that he’s happy at Scarlet. 

Jane and Ryan hangout in a conference room alone. Ryan asks Jane if she ever wonders about what could’ve happened between them and she’s at a loss for words. While Sutton and Alex spend some alone time together drinking and playing cards, they share what their first impression was of each other. Some flirting ensues and I can’t help but think it’s about damn time!

Back at the airport, Kat found Adena sitting alone and sad. Adena fills Kat in on how her flying back to the US with an expired visa wasn’t smart. While she did apply for a new work visa, the application is still in process. Kat consoles Adena and promises everything will be fine and they will figure things out together. But if we know Kat, she’s more scared and flighty than anyone, so will she keep her promise to Adena in the long run? 

At Scarlet, Jane, Sutton, Alex, and Ryan hang out in Jacqueline’s office. Jacqueline appears out of nowhere and kicks them all out. There’s just one problem, Jane forgot her notebook on Jacqueline’s desk and realizes she left it open to the pros and cons of working at Scarlet versus Insight. Jane freaks out. She and Pinstripe devise a plan to see if Jacqueline noticed the book. But instead, Jacqueline asks to speak to Jane alone for a moment. Jacqueline doesn’t mention the book, but asks if Jane is upset about her assigning the quiz to her for the month, and she says no!

Then before she knows it, she’s sitting in Jacqueline’s office with Sutton, Alex, and Ryan having a drink. Jacqueline asks Jane if she has a theme for the quiz and Sutton reveals its knowing went to switch jobs. Nervous, Jane tries to downplay the theme. But Jacqueline is interested and wants to help her brainstorm questions for it.

Thankfully, the building’s security guard interrupts them to inform them they are free to leave the building. Everyone jumps at the opportunity to leave. Jane isn’t in the clear just yet; Jacqueline corners her on her way out and give her advice about knowing when it’s the right time to leave a job for a new opportunity.

Jane tries to get Ryan to admit why he told her about him getting let go from work, but he doesn’t spell it out for her. Things get steamy between Kat and Adena in the first class lounge as they spend the night together. Kat tells Adena she’s ready for an adventure and already has her plane ticket so she’s all set to leave her life in NYC behind. Sutton heads home with Alex and they have sex. Woot, way to go Sutton!

The next morning, Jane arrives at work early to snag her notebook from Jacqueline’s office. She also accepts the job at Insight. Meanwhile, Kat’s courage from the previous night deflates as the plane begins boarding. Adena tells her it’s fine, and that she should make the decision to go only if she really wants to. Clearly, my prediction was right! Poor Adena, falling in love with Kat is hard because she’s totally unpredictable.

Looks like the women of The Bold Type have just walked in to several new challenges. Love is in the air for these ladies, but will they be able to catch it and hold on to it? Is Jane really set on leaving Scarlet?

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