Archer Vice: Baby Shower (5×06)

Summary: In an attempt to make Lana happy, Archer tries to get Kenny Loggins to play her baby shower. Unfortunately for him, Kenny Loggins is completely insane. Krieger starts selling the cocaine online.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

I’m not sure what I expected from an episode guest starring Kenny Loggins, but I didn’t expect an episode like this.

With Lana getting annoyed at Cherlene trying to record an album in the early ass hours of the morning and worrying about what to do when the baby arrives, Ray gets the idea to throw Lana a baby shower. Cyril continues to bitch about Lana’s bastard child, but Archer smacks him and tells him to get over it and move on with his life. Archer goes along with the idea and decides to start on a harebrained scheme with Pam to get Kenny Loggins to play her shower since he’s in New York to play a show. I’m with Pam on this plan. Is he doing this for him or doing it for Lana, but he assures Pam that Lana likes Loggins. He thinks.

Welp. [facebook.com]
Welp. [facebook.com]
Well, this turns out to be easier said than done because it turns out Loggins is completely bonkers. At least in Archerverse, but at least the real Kenny Loggins was fine with this portrayal of himself. Loggins initially has Archer tased when he tries to ask, but then starts thinking he’s associated with some guy named Borgna when the two sneak into Loggins’ (or “K-Log” as he prefers to be called now) room. Pam gets in an awesome fight with K-Log’s bodyguard and Archer has some Tarentino moments with his idol as he shoots up a glowing briefcase that either contains “plutonium or a human soul.” After being saved by Archer after nearly falling out of the glass sided rooftop pool, Loggins tells them not to worry about the briefcase and agrees to play the baby shower.

Yep, at no point is Kenny Loggins’ completely unhinged nature even explained. You’re just going to have to deal with it.

My thoughts exactly. [uproxx.com]
My thoughts exactly. [uproxx.com]
Meanwhile, in a plot line that points out how bogus the Bitcoin craze is, Krieger starts selling the cocaine online and has Cyril and Ray help with the packing. Using a secure server and crypto currency, he assures Malory that he’s making the team actual money.

Of course, since Krieger can’t even remember to hit record for Cherlene’s album, I want you to guess the outcome to this plotline. (Hint: Krieger wasn’t actually selling the cocaine.)

Between Kenny Loggins singing ‘Danger Zone’ with Cherlene, $80 and a plea to take him back from Cyril, two car seats, Archer’s old crib, and gifts from Baby Bergdorf that Malory bought with money that didn’t exist (or she either did what Archer did and sold some of the Tunt family art collection because Cherlene would think ghosts did it), Lana ends up having the best baby shower ever.

What’s the big punchline of the episode though? Lana doesn’t even know who Kenny Loggins is. She doesn’t know ‘Danger Zone’ at all and confuses him with Kenny Rogers.

I had to Google that. [uproxx.com]
I had to Google that. [uproxx.com]
This episode wasn’t a favorite, but I enjoyed K-Log more than I should have and it did have a lot of cleverness (like the second ever Where The Red Fern Grows joke the series has made). I expected that Lana wouldn’t be thrilled about Kenny Loggins at her shower, but the actual punchline made me laugh way harder than it should have. I also kind of liked seeing Archer go back to his spying roots for an episode, even if it was over Kenny Loggins.


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