Synopsis of 1×12: Life’s a party for the new Primo – even though everyone seems to want something from him, starting with a Primo sacrifice at the Blood Drive afterparty.

Wait. The Blood Drive is over. Arthur won… didn’t he?

Yeah he did. And he only goes by “Primo” now that he’s got a new hairstyle and a taste of infamy. In fact, he says some rude shit to Grace when she confronts him at a red carpet event about his behavior. Slink and one of Heart Enterprises’ guys argue whether or not Arthur’s heart is really in it, though it seems to be for now.

To kick off the party, Arthur signs some autographs, hangs out with some chicks, and fights volunteers from the crowd. That stops when Christopher makes his presence known and they re-acquaint themselves over non-synthetic food and Arthur’s very own hoppy IPA.

Christopher wants Arthur to leave with him, but he’s not too keen on that plan. It’s only when Christopher draws his attention to the fates of the last few Primos does Arthur seem to grasp the serious situation he’s put himself in. Grace also realizes what it means for Arthur when watching the same footage of past Primos.

There is an interlude explaining how Karma got involved with the Blood Drive. After being dropped off at Kane Hill, Heart Enterprises scoops Karma up and puts her on the management track based on her crazy behavior and grudge against her sister.

Unfortunately, it’s harder than it sounds when she loses a junior executive spot on the board. Angry, she finds a way to make the skin suit we saw her in when she first confronted Grace. In the new skin suit, Karma kills all of the Heart Enterprises board members but one and demands to be updated on the Blood Drive – putting her plans for revenge into action.

Christopher is trying to talk down a paranoid and pissed off Arthur, who plans to kill Slink to take back control of the party. Grace tries to intercept them too, but fails. Luckily, his giant sword doesn’t seem to fail at beheading Slink – something that shocks all of them and impresses the crowd. Seemingly free, Christopher wants to run and Grace wants to go after Heart Enterprises.

They argue over what Arthur should do and he’s almost convinced by Grace to help her on her quest. But when she denies becoming one member of his future harem, he decides neither of the options presented to him work out in his favor. Unfortunately, they stood around talking for long enough that another Slink was released from a shipping container to replace the old one and Arthur is captured.

Heart Enterprises also captures Christopher and Grace before the Soul Reclamator is brought out for the Primo sacrifice. After working together to escape capture, they’re forced to find common ground in helping Arthur. Christopher goes to free him from his bonds while Grace tries to distract Slink or convince him to change his mind about killing the Primo (for the ratings of course).

Slink informs Grace that if Arthur has truly become the Primo by purging his soul, the Soul Reclamator won’t have anything to process. He’ll tumble through the machine and come out of the other side physically unscathed. Thankfully, Christopher is able to pull him out of the chair just before anyone finds out. Less thankfully, Christopher convinces Arthur that Grace wants to take his place as the Primo by killing him.

So of course, Arthur goes after Grace.

They’re relatively evenly matched until Arthur gets his sword stuck and Grace doesn’t end him right there. When she spares him, he takes advantage of the moment and goes to kill her. But his hesitation allows her to get the dramatic monologue in about who Arthur Bailey used to be. Sensing the changing tides, Christopher goes to encourage him and ends up pushing Arthur too far. Arthur stabs him instead.

Overseeing everything that has happened so far, Karma calls Slink to let him know that he’s been cancelled. The Blood Drive is over.

Also, it turns out that it wasn’t actually Christopher that was stabbed, but something cooked up by Heart Enterprises to get to Arthur. Faced with everything he did as the Primo, Arthur doubts himself, but also comes back to himself and Grace. While they’re reconciling, Slink shows up with Grace’s car and offers them another partnership in taking down Heart Enterprises. She’s skeptical, but Arthur is ready to finish things.

The real Christopher is revealed to be confined somewhere with Aki when Karma shows him the night’s events, including Arthur stabbing him. He’s upset by the video and asks Aki for the list of upgrades. He wants all of the mods in his quest for revenge against Arthur…

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