Synopsis of 03×13: Alliances shift, secrets are revealed and the past becomes present in the quest to prevent intergalactic war. 

This season of Dark Matter has been everything we could have hoped for and more! On the last episode of Dark MatterTwo stood outside of Ryo’s cell just about ready to kill him (I know, bummer). Ryo begged Two to end him once and for all, but before she could get the chance, Six summoned her back to the bridge because they’ve received a suspicious transmission.

When Two arrives at the bridge, she finds Teku on the screen and she’s glad to see he made it out of Zairon alive. Teku thanks Two for saving Ryo’s life and wants to discuss Ryo’s return. Teku claims that he’s got a fleet of ships loyal to the Emperor and they want Ryo back. Three and Two protest and the crew isn’t so willing to give him up so easily. 

Teku offers the Raza to make a trade; Ryo for information on where the crew can find Boone. The crew agrees to hold off on killing Ryo and move him from the cell to his old room quarters. They haven’t officially decided to give Ryo back to Teku, but they are interested in checking out the coordinates.

Six visits Five to check on her and she reveals what Ryo told her back on Zairon. Five has a sister, and Alicia Reynaud, the woman who tried to kill her to get the blink drive, is her sister’s adopted mother.

Android did some digging based off of what Ryo told Two and managed to find a cryptic storage drive marked with the name Krydon. Which, according to Ryo, is the person Two entrusted to watch her daughter. Three misses Sarah and finds himself visiting her virtual world.

The crew arrived at the coordinates Teku provided and discovered Project Phoenix, the Ferrous Corp shipyard. Three realizes that Boone and Portia have been working with Ferrous Corp. Two thinks it’s high time that Mikkei take a stand in the war and she sends photos of the shipyard in hopes Mikkei will help destroy Project Phoenix.

Commander Truffault confirmed Mikkei already knew about the shipyard and wants to partner with the Raza to take down the station using a white hole device courtesy of Tralgot. Two has Android prep the Marauder with the blink drive so that she, Three, and Six can pop into the heart of the station, set off the white hole device, and jump back to the Raza. When the team tries to detonate the device it doesn’t go off and the blink drive doesn’t work.

Tralgot double-crossed Mikkei leaving Two, Three, and Six to be captured by Ferrous. Three and Six are separated from Two, and Three regrets fighting to join the mission. Two is left alone with a woman who questions Two about the blink drive. She claims she doesn’t know anything about how the drive works, but the woman thinks otherwise.

Meanwhile, Wexler shows up with guards to try to get information from Three and Six. However, Wexler turns out to be a double agent working for Mikkei and breaks Six and Three out. Three and Six aren’t so trusting of Wexler at first, but they need him to get off the station. Three and Wexler work on taking down the exclusion field so they can escape back to the Raza, while Six rescues Two.

Six finds Two tied up and way too calm; he rightfully takes precaution and asks her how they found out about the station. She confirms the information came from Teku and he unties her. Before they leave, Two grabs a laptop and takes it with them back to the Raza. Portia stuns Three from behind and he gets left on the station while Wexler, Two, and Six make it back to the Raza.

Once on the Raza, Two asks Mikkei to send more ships to help them take down the Ferrous. But Mikkei is only able to send six ships, which isn’t enough to destroy Project Phoenix. Two turns to Ryo for help and reveals that Teku has a fleet waiting to strike at his command. If Ryo helps the Raza take down Ferrous Corp, Two is willing to let him go. Ryo agrees and convinces Teku to help the Raza.

Everything seems to be going according to plan until Two decides to use the blink drive on the Marauder to create a black hole to destroy the station. Android finds Two’s behavior suspicious and opts to accompany her to program the blink drive. Two betrays Android and zaps her, knocking down her systems. She informs the crew that Android has been injured during the installation of the blink drive and that they need someone to manually set off the blink drive.

Six volunteers to manually set off the blink drive to create the black hole. Five is distraught and begs him to reconsider. But he doesn’t. They share another emotional goodbye for the second time. The Raza, Mikkei, and Ishida ships fight side by side while Six prepares to set off the black hole.

Three contacts the Raza just in time to let them know that he and Portia are fleeing from the station together to somewhere safe. Two is focused on winning the war against Ferrous. Android contacts Five via the ship’s computer and tells her that Two is an alien. Five tries desperately to reach Six to stop him from sacrificing himself but it’s too late, he detonates the drive and destroys the Marauder and himself. Five reaches out to Ryo and asks him for help apprehending Two.

Chaos ensues outside the station as the black hole swallows everything. Five spots something coming through the hole. Black ships. The alien invasion has begun. What will happen to the crew? Is Six really dead? Will the crew be reunited with Three and what role will Portia play in all this?

I hope Dark Matter is renewed for another season because I have questions! 

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