Synopsis of 2×07: Theo tries to make friends with Margaret. Meanwhile we see a bit of the evolution of the Abbies – though mostly just CJ’s backstory – through flashbacks. Also: another member of the first season cast bites the dust!


This episode is weirdly split into two sections. One takes place in the present and features Theo trying to communicate with Margaret the Abbie. The other takes place over the course of thousands of years as we learn CJ’s backstory and see some of the evolution of the Abbies.

Yes, it seems that CJ was the custodian of all those frozen, sleeping people in the mountain. He would wake up periodically for a brief period of time to make sure that systems were online and that the facility was well cared for and then he would go back to sleep himself. At one point he runs into a young man who is only just beginning the evolution from human to Abbie. Later he sees the very first Abbies with Pilcher before they actually began to build Wayward Pines.

CJ is sort of a stoic character throughout this season. And we sort of learn why. He isn’t as enthusiastic about the experiment that is Wayward Pines as he might have once been. He’s watched the world completely fall apart and he doesn’t seem all that convinced that what they were doing was right in the first place. Granted, he’s not going to let the people of Wayward Pines – and thus humanity – just die out. But he’s not the sort of indoctrinated Pilcher follower Megan and the rest of the survivors still seem to be. That’s what happens when you spend a couple millennia reflecting on what was lost and hallucinating the loved ones you left behind.

Meanwhile, Theo spends the rest of the episode trying to keep everyone alive.

Now that he realizes just how smart Margaret is he’s determined to communicate with her. He’s actually throwing around the idea of negotiating with the Abbies. It turns out that Wayward Pines was once their home and Margaret is old enough to remember when the humans first thawed themselves out and massacred her kind.

Through a series of cards and simple gestures, Theo tries to communicate with Margaret that they can be friends. But Jason isn’t too thrilled about the idea and he ends up going murder happy on the other captive Abbies. Basically, Theo goes through this whole episode trying to make peace with Margaret – who very clearly controls the other Abbies and who Adam explains is the leader – and then Jason screws it all up.

It’s no surprise that when Theo introduces Jason as their leader, the female seems to disagree and points to Theo as being the leader.

Jason has Wayward Pines’s best interests at heart but he just doesn’t know how to keep these people alive. He even goes so far as to try and kill Margaret in a mad fury until Theo stops him. Even Kerry refuses to give Jason her gun and tries to talk sense into him. (I mean, c’mon dude. Killing the leader of the Abbies is probably NOT the way to go about getting the army of mutants to leave your borders.)

After, Theo tries to talk to Megan about Jason’s erratic behavior but Megan refuses to accept what Theo is saying about him. She also refuses accept the fact that the Abbies may truly be the next step in human evolution. I mean, even Jason and Kerry are willing to consider that. It’s just that Jason is so damned determined to wipe out the Abbies and that humanity needs to survive he doesn’t seem to care.

Anyway, in keeping with the whole ‘Let’s kill off everyone from last season!’ theme, we mourn the loss of another original character.

After spending a bit more time with Margaret, Theo goes back to the hospital. Megan stays behind for whatever reason. Not long after Theo leaves, Megan is sitting at a computer and realizes that she’s feeling weak. Looking down she realizes that she is surrounded by blood – and it’s her blood. It turns out that Margaret is super observant, memorized the code to the Abbie cages, escaped, and slashed Megan’s paralyzed thighs so she bleeds to death.


And then she just watches her die.

Cold, Margaret. Cold.

Granted, it seems like what the people of Wayward Pines did to Margaret’s people was pretty awful, too, so. Maybe Megan deserved it. Hopefully, though, Margaret doesn’t go out and kill too many other people. Especially not the good ones. And especially not the rest of the first season cast because we’re running really short on them now…

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