Synopsis 01×05: David returns from the astral plane a changed man, brimming with confidence and ready to go save Amy. He’s also thought up a workaround to being unable to touch Syd.


Picking up where the last episode left off, Ptonomy, Syd, and David are carrying a wounded Kerry through the woods as Cary looks on worriedly from Summerland. When they do get in, as Cary fusses over Kerry, David reveals to Melanie that he met her husband and informed Melanie that he’s a beat poet.

Out on the docks, Syd finds David and begins to confess that they dug into his past the day before, but David cuts her off to show her a way for them to be together. He constructs a white room and claims to understand how everything is an illusion before touching her without any adverse effects. As they kiss, the camera pans out to show the strawberries on the table infested with bugs.

The red color of the berries bleeds into a shot of Kerry’s bloody shoulder as Cary continues to tend to her. Melanie asks Cary why he can’t just absorb her as a way to fix her, but he claims that it’ll put his body into shock. She also shares that David saw Oliver on the astral plane and she believes that David will be able to bring him back.

David and Syd present Melanie with the plan: they’re going to march right into Division 3 and rescue Amy. Melanie does her best to discourage them, but they are defiant and resistant to the idea of waiting for the element of surprise. She shares with them that she sees a lot of Oliver in David. He found a place he could rule and eventually didn’t return – it’ll be twenty one years in February. David tells her that Oliver appears to remember very little, but that he makes his own reality, and she reveals that she wants David to bring him home.

Kerry wakes up and Cary nearly immediately absorbs her back into his body, taking on her injuries.

After confronting Melanie with their plans, Syd asks David to take her back to the white room (which is now blue), where they have sex again. She tells him about her first time and how she switched bodies with her mother to have sex with her mom’s boyfriend. Only, the body swapping didn’t last long enough and it was a whole ordeal. Syd makes David promise that if they get lost, they’ll get lost together.

While Syd sleeps, David and Lenny discuss the plans for Division Three in a red room off of the main room. She convinces him to leave immediately, without anyone’s help, since they’re so strong on their own. Syd wakes up and realizes that David left without her.

She interrupts Melanie’s planning session with the news and they go after David to assist him, even with Ptonomy’s misgivings about the situation. Melanie is worried about David because he seems so strong since returning from the astral plane. However, when they show up at Division Three, it’s clear that their worries were unfounded.

The place is in shambles, with many people dead in the concrete or simply missing. The group splits up to investigate and Syd finds Dr. Kissinger still locked up in his cell. He tells them that David and Amy already left, but begs her to free him – which she neglects to do before she leaves. Melanie finds the surveillance footage of the facility and watches in horror as David makes the guards poof into smoke with a childlike glee, as well as morphing into the Demon with the Yellow Eyes at one point.

Back in Summerland, Cary is re-watching the footage of David in the MRI machine and arguing with Kerry inside his body when he sees both David as a child and flashes of the Demon with the Yellow Eyes.

Syd and Ptonomy find a survivor, who tells them that David took his sister and left. They thought they were ready for him, but they were wrong. Worryingly, he also warns them that “it wears a human face,” before he dies.

Outside of Division Three, Cary shares with the group that David probably really is mentally ill, but that there’s also a parasite in his brain, some kind of consciousness inside him that has made David and all of them forget about it. Ptonomy realizes that this is probably also the issue with David’s memories. David has his own powers, but the Demon with the Yellow Eyes has even more power.

As they stand there, David calls Syd back to the white room with him. He sings to her as she walks carefully around the room, closing the bathroom door to the red room and looking through a telescope set up. King, the dog, was sitting in the room, as was the Angriest Boy in the World. Whens he comes back to herself, she tells the rest of the group that David went home to where it all started. The Eye follows them.

Initially, Amy is happy to be home, but David taunts her about knowing about his powers even back then and she starts to become scared. He wants to know the secret she’s keeping and Lenny manifests herself – with split images of King, the Demon with the Yellow Eyes, and Benny – to get the secret out of her. Amy finally admits that David was adopted, obviously not the secret he was expecting.

Before joining the rest of the group at David’s childhood home, Cary makes a circlet of sorts to put on David’s head. In theory, it’s supposed to allow them to talk to David without the interference of the parasite, but Kerry points out that it’s not the best of plans. When she comes out of his body to tell him to prepare for a fight, he keeps her injuries and she appears to be healed.

Melanie warns the group that they may be entering David’s world before they head towards the house, losing their voices (and all sounds) in the process. The sound returns with the Angriest Boy in the World running past Syd as she cries. Everyone is exploring the house when Cary shows up and lets Kerry lead the charge with some urging from Melanie.

Syd finds Amy sitting in a room before Lenny ambushes her and shows her a comatose David. Lenny is bitter that “you people” started putting ideas into his head before the rest of the group bursts in and David is suddenly lucid. The Eye, having taken over a member of Melanie’s group, pushes through the group and fires at David. Syd gets in front of him and yells for him to take them to the white room.

He manages to take them away and begins to cry as he tells Syd that he can’t stop her. The Demon with the Yellow Eyes begins chasing after Syd through the room and eventually corners her. She screams and then opens her eyes to a therapy circle in Clockworks, with all of the major characters participating in group therapy – Lenny as the therapist.

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