Synopsis of 2×11: The iron witch gets what she wishes for – a world without Wynonna Earp. The problem is that a world without Wynonna is a pretty crappy place. Our heroes find themselves unwittingly living unfulfilling and drastically different lives while the few who remember Wynonna try to bring them all around. And at the very end some really important things start happening!

I’m happy to say that while I may have been a little disappointed by last week’s episode this episode was amazing. It’s not uncommon for genre series to have an episode where they imagine a ‘What If?’ scenario that leads their heroes temporarily down very different paths. Wynonna Earp‘s take on the classic trope is an incredibly emotional ride. Our beloved characters find themselves in some really tough situations and while it they may toy with our hearts it makes for some really great television.

If you remember from last week’s recap, the iron witch made a wish that Wynonna would disappear.

But a world without Wynonna isn’t exactly a very welcoming world at all. Everyone in Purgatory becomes trapped in some sort of curse that clouds reality and rewrites everything we know about the world. While some of the characters remain fairly similar – Dolls and Jeremy still work for Black Badge while Nicole has taken over as sheriff after Nedley is killed – other characters fill drastically different rolls. Doc becomes public enemy #1 as he leads a gang of Revenants selling illegal drugs and blowing up parts of town in acts of domestic terrorism. And Waverly is getting married to Perry, who appeared in an earlier episode.

Only two people seem to know what’s really going on: Doc and Bobo, who we only recently discovered is now alive again. Unfortunately, as I said before, Doc is a dangerous criminal. And Bobo is locked up in an mental institution where they believe he’s a murderer who killed Ward and Willa Earp.

Still, Doc tries his hardest to get everyone to remember Wynonna. Ultimately, though, he’s captured by Black Badge, who don’t believe anything he has to say. When he later escapes (with help from Jeremy) he has a run in with Dolls that leaves both of them dead. Doc has just enough time to desperately pass on his mission to save Wynonna to Waverly before he dies. But while she believes that something is wrong, she has no idea what Doc means by finding ‘the iron witch’ and ‘destroying the trophy.’

With Nicole’s help Waverly tracks down the witch. She wanted her sister to be alive again but in this world she’s still dead. She’s able to lift the veil of the curse long enough to show Waverly and Nicole the real world and everything comes flooding back. 

They end up finding the trophy locked away on the Earp homestead, which has become the headquarters of Doc’s evil gang of Revenants. There they meet up with Jeremy and Rosita (who is a Black Badge undercover operative embedded with the Revenants) and they try to find a way to break the curse. It turns out, though, their only option is to destroy the trophy with fire by blowing themselves up.


Hopefully, everyone survived. But we don’t actually know if anyone else lives when the episode ends. We just see Wynonna out in the middle of a field alone. Well, I guess she’s not really alone. She sees Bobo with the widows and for some reason thinks it’s a smart idea to follow them without any back up.

What are they up to? Well, while all this has been going on, demon Beth and demon Mercedes have been trying to resurrect Clootie to no avail. I guess they were trying to revive him in the wrong location or something (I wasn’t 100% sure what the problem was) but eventually they figure things out. They meet up with Bobo who apparently knows where to find Clootie’s remains. He also breaks the third seal. Surprise!

If only that was the only surprise…

While trying to follow the bad guys, Wynonna starts going into labor. Yeah, if there could possibly be a more inopportune moment I’m sure this kid would have found it. In the end he or she is an Earp through and through. They get it from their mother, obviously.

As interesting as this episode was, it’s important to realize that it’s the last episode before the season finale. The second season is going to end next week and Wynonna is in a very unenviable position. She’s going into labor in the middle of nowhere with no allies and the demon Clootie nearby enough that she can hear him growling as he rises back up from Hell. We have no idea if any of her friends are alive. In fact, we’ve seen all of them die pretty violent deaths in this episode.

So what does the finale have in store for us?

For once, I don’t want to speculate too much. I want to be surprised. I want to be shocked and awed. I just hope that it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger (though considering how the first season ended I’m not holding my breath). Also, I’m almost willing to put money down on the likelihood that someone kidnaps newborn baby Earp and we end up having to wait until next year.

I’m calling it now!

What do you think is going to happen in next week’s season finale!? Feel free to give us your best guest in the comments below.

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