In politically tumultuous times, it can seem overwhelming to stay up-to-date on all the goings on in the world. That’s where Crooked Media comes in. From a motley crew of former Obama staffers, Crooked Media offers political commentary, social justice opportunities, and a laugh or two along the way. 

Jon Favreau (not that Jon Favreau), former Obama speechwriter, Jon Lovett, former speechwriter for both Hillary Clinton and Obama, Tommy Vietor, former Obama administration National Security Spokesman, and Dan Pfeiffer, former Senior Advisor to Obama, are the team behind the Crooked Media empire, which now includes Pod Save America, Pod Save the World, Pod Save the People, Lovett or Leave It, and With Friends Like These

At some point, I may do another Pod Nod expressing my freakishly deep feelings for Lovett or Leave It, but this particular one will look at the flagship, Pod Save America. Twice a week, the team gets together to record a comprehensive political podcast on the chaos that is American politics at present.

The podcast includes discussions of current events, but somehow these three manage to provide some hope and levity for the situation. Nothing seems quite as hopeless when three level-headed individuals are giving you constructive ways to use your fear, your concerns, and your words to improve the situation at hand.

The segments of the show are usually fairly well broken down, each lasting about 15-20 minutes so as not to focus on any one issue for too long or give an issue precedence over another. This past week, they discussed the current situation in Charlottesville, with a particular focus on the White House’s response to the situation.

In real time, they addressed the comments that were made as the podcast was recording, but also pointed out the discrepancies in those various statements. They also spoke with DeRay Mckesson (activist and host of Pod Save the People) on the differences in response to protests such as those in Charlottesville versus the Black Lives Matter movement.

As a regular feature, the podcast will host politicians, including Congressional Representative Kamala Harris, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Those who speak on the pod are referred to as “Friends of the Pod.” It’s amazing how much better you can feel about various political individuals when you find out they are a Friend of the Pod. 

If you have the time, consider filling it with Crooked Media. No commute, run, or tedious activity is as bad when you’ve got Jon, Lovett, Tommy, and Dan to talk you through it. Oh, and get those Parachute sheets, Blue Apron, Postmates, and SeatGeek codes. So many codes. So much political commentary. So little time. 

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