Synopsis 4×7: The team regroups, hoping to return to the surface of Earth and join May. A power struggle between the Kree brothers ensues. 


Picking up immediately after the somewhat ridiculous escape at the end of the last episode, the Agents (at this moment Daisy, Jemma, and Fitz) require some medical assistance. Daisy for a head-wound and Jemma for the implant. While Fitz assists Jemma, Daisy won’t let a lack of powers or her own injury to keep her from destroying a Kree. Only to have their escape ship destroyed. 

In order to find them, Kasius sends his right-hand woman (and maybe lover?), Sinara, alongside his brother’s own champion, Maston-Dar. Battle of the Blue Man Group. 

But all is not quite right in paradise, where Kasius must struggle to prove that Sinara is not simply a pawn to him. They will leave earth in glory, together. 

While they attempt to leave earth, however, poor May is subjected to the terrors on the surface of former earth. Luckily for her, Fitz made preparations for a rescue at the hands of Enoch. Although, the two of them are hardly safe when a gravity wave strikes. (Just what is a gravity wave? Probably not the type that Einstein theorized and that researchers at Cal Tech proved in 2014.) Luckily, or perhaps not so luckily, the two a snatched by the claws of masked beings. There is indeed something other than monsters on the surface of the earth.

For the rest of the agents, the brutal loss of Tess in an attempt to find Flint, an Inhuman who moves rocks, leaves them conflicted as to how to proceed. Protect Flint? Or return to the surface of the earth? It seems that the writers of AoS didn’t learn the lesson from the beginning of season 4, the team is best when together. 

Speaking of splitting apart, the familial struggle between Kree brothers just might split the power dynamics of the universe. Who will succeed? The brother who is too intent on battle, or the whimpering one who has desires of glory? Maybe if he grew his hair out a little longer, he would be able to restore his HONOR!

Gravitational storms and Gravitonium! Deke has returned! And now he’s, on team S.H.I.E.L.D.?

The team manages to escape using a gravity device thing (there’s a lot of science-bending here) just in time, before Sinara, the truest badass of the season, takes out her competition. This is her hunt, not Maston-Dar’s. Oh, and she’s gonna motivate Kasius to murder his own brother while she’s at it. 

By the end, the team has split up. Mack and Yo-Yo will stay to protect Flint, aided by some weapons Fitz hid within the structure before his deep sleep. The rest head to the surface to join May, who has discovered her saviors (as it turns out), led by the visionary Inhuman girl of their time. 

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