Synopsis of 03×08: Mitch tries to figure out what to do about the fact he is Mr. Duncan. Abigail abducted Jackson and introduced him to a hungry tiger. To top it all off, the IADG has discovered hybrid nests that release deadly spores. 

Last week Abigail managed to get one over on Jackson when he was lured to the house of Sam-not-Sam Parker. Back in her lair she chained him to the ceiling and tested his ability to control animals by forcing him to stop a very hungry tiger from eating him. 

Mitch had to knock Jamie out in order to protect his secret about Mr. Duncan and corrupted the file to keep her from discovering the truth. He needed to deactivate the biodrive and Max offered to help. Unfortunately for them, after Max hooked Mitch up and tried to use EMP technology to disable the biodrive, the plane lost power before the final blow could be dealt. 

Abe and Dariela, who had been at odds, did the do and decided that perhaps divorce wouldn’t be the answer after all. However, they were both still in conflict over what to do with Isaac. Dariela did not want to raise him on the plane even though Abe thought it was a swell idea. 

The power outage that kept Max from being able to stop Mitch’s biodrive was of great enough concern that Jamie went off to try and fix it. Apparently Max’s meddling activated Mitch’s biodrive because Abigail got a notification that it was up and running. She now had a little more control than she did before – just what the crazy person needed. 

It turned out that Abigail was the one who had sabotaged the plane, using some sort of hybrid to mess up the internal workings. Mitch was little help because the biodrive had blinded him, though he pretended it hadn’t in order to keep the team from asking questions.

Over with the IADG, Logan worked to figure out what had happened to hikers in Germany. They identified toxic spores of “unknown origin” as the cause of death. Little did they know what the spores would lead to.

Back at Abigail’s lair, Jackson made an attempt at escape and it did not work. After a bit more talking he realized that Abigail was trying to harness the frequency that Jackson’s brain produced in order to control the animals.

On the plane the team continued to struggle to restore power. Mitch had to take a blood thinner to try and get his vision back in order to help everyone and all the while, Abe managed to make the problem worse. He cut the incorrect cords and the plane’s AI kicked in. Soon the team realized that Clem’s tank was at risk as a result of a lot of the plane’s functions being disabled. They were on a clock.

In the end, in order to save Clem and her child, they rerouted what power they had even if it meant losing the engines and other important functions for flying. Abe and Dariela were finally able to destroy the hybrid, but it was not quite in time to save the plane. Jamie shared what she believed to be a goodbye kiss with Mitch, only to have things go very wrong.

Abigail taunted her captive with information about Mitch, sharing that since the biodrive was back on she was able to reinstate Mr. Duncan’s control. She had an ally on the plane now and his team was at risk. Since the theme of the season seems to be Jackson’s dead family, Abigail used the knowledge she had of it to taunt Jackson. Eventually she pissed him off enough to finally get the frequency she needed, as he naturally tried to control the tiger to kill her. 

Logan’s spores led them to the first hybrid nest and they tried to devise a way to kill the eggs. 

On the plane, Jamie put two and two together and figured out that Mitch was Mr. Duncan. Newly reactivated, the two of them had one heck of a grappling match as the plane started to crash. Plane crashes seem to be their thing after all. 

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